Me Reacting to “All the good girls go to hell” by Billie Eilish

me reacting to all the good girls go to hell by billie eilish

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re all having a great day! I am! Today we’re gonna do another song reaction! I think this one is a better known song than the ones I reacted to lately. So yeah!

It’s All the good girls go to hell by Billie Eilish, I love her! So I chose this one because I find the lyrics very interesting to talk about and everyone can give them a different interpretation, you know?

So here goes nothing!

Me reacting to “All the good girls go to hell” by Billie Eilish:

My Lucifer is lonely

I love this part!!!! 😊


Standing there, killing time
Can’t commit to anything but a crime

Hehe, she’s bored somewhere and she wants to kill someone 😂

Peter’s on vacation, an open invitation

An invitation to his party? Or what?

Animals, evidence
Pearly gates look more like a picket fence
Once you get inside ’em
Got friends but can’t invite them

Ooooh yeah you can’t invite your friends? That’s suspicious.


Hills burn in California
My turn to ignore ya
Don’t say I didn’t warn ya

Ohhhhhh she’s threatening this person that she’s gonna ignore them! Why? Was it the same person who invited her? I don’t understand anything! 😅


All the good girls go to hell
‘Cause even God herself has enemies
And once the water starts to rise
And Heaven’s out of sight
She’ll want the Devil on her team

I love this part!

I love when she says “god herself”, cause she makes out that god is a woman, which sounds really cool! I remember I said this on an instagram story when I found out 😝

My Lucifer is lonely


Look at you needing me
You know I’m not your friend without some greenery

Hehe, how cold! I don’t know what greenery means in this context tho

Walk in wearing fetters
Peter should know better

Yeah, he should. Who’s Peter anyway?

Your cover up is caving in
Man is such a fool
Why are we saving him?

This part was funny hehe 😂😂

Poisoning themselves now
Begging for our help, wow!

Yeah, I think now she’s talking about drugs, how people poison themselves with that and stuff.

And now the song just repeats itself with the chorus and stuff.


The song:

Now here’s the song. It’s really cool, I love the melody and the beat apart from the lyrics.


Share your thoughts with me!

Did you know the song? I’m pretty sure you did. Did you not know it? What do you think of the lyrics? And what do you think of the beat? Do you like Billie Eilish? Tell me everything!!!!!

I hope y’all liked this post as much as I liked making it! I’ll make another song reaction when I come back from holidays! I hope you have an amazing day/night and week!

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina 🍄

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