Thoughts While On The Plane

Thoughts While On The Plane

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re all having a great day! I am! Today I thought it would be cool to talk planes cause why not? They can be either fun or a nightmare, depending on the person, right?

But today we’re not gonna be too negative, I’m just gonna share some of the thoughts I often get and have gotten every time I got on a plane, shall we start? Shall we?

Thoughts While On The Plane:

  • Ok so let’s go, the plane just took off yaaaaayyyResultado de imagen de yay gif
  • Omg now it’s going diagonal, I can feel it
  • I know this happens every time but what if it means something bad?
  • What if this time there’re problems?
  • Nah whatever
  • I can’t die, right?
  • RIGHT?!fame my gif
  • I hope I don’t have to pee during the entire thing
  • I hate plane bathrooms, the toilet is so freaking loud!
  • Thank god I’m not getting my period
  • RIGHT?!
  • Great, there’s a baby crying
  • Why is it so loud?
  • I swear to god, if his parents don’t shut him up, I will!
  • Aaaaaaa I wanna cry tooResultado de imagen de cry cartoon gif
  • Ahhhhhhhh finally
  • *sigh*
  • Argh, my eyes are dry
  • My whole self is dry
  • Ewwwww why?!
  • Now I’m cold
  • *grabs jacket*
  • *puts it on*
  • All good now
  • *looks at people around*Resultado de imagen de looks around gif
  • I wonder where they’re going
  • like, what they’re going to do when we arrive
  • Where do they come from?
  • Oh well
  • *kid kicks the seat*
  • Snap
  • *keeps doing it*
  • Omg why doesn’t he stop?!
  • *keeps doing it*Resultado de imagen de dylan o'brien mad gif
  • Aren’t their parents seeing them?
  • Are they freaking asleep or just stupid?
  • *hears nothing from parents*
  • ARGH!!
  • *kid stops*
  • Thank goodness
  • *finds a magazine*
  • *looks at it*Resultado de imagen de reading gif
  • Argh, this is all crap, does anyone care about the articles in these things?
  • I literally know no one in this thing
  • Expect invictus
  • wow
  • *finishes reading pictures*
  • *looks through the window*
  • OMG THE SUN IS SO BRIGHT!Resultado de imagen de i hate the sun gif
  • *closes window*
  • Argh now I miss the views
  • *cries*


Share your thoughts with me!

Do you related to this? Have any of these thoughts come to you? What other things come to your mind? Have you ever been on a plane? Tell me erryting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed making it! Planes are cool!!! I hope y’all have a great day/night and a great week/rest of the week! I’ll se y’all next time!

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina 🐦

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts While On The Plane

  1. OMGGG this was so fun to read I imagined myself going through all this! 😂 And omg I hate when it goes diagonal. I had to use the toilet on the flight back and all I could think was ‘okay hand on the door, we’re launching ourselves off the toilet, flushing, pulling pants up AND opening the door at the same time. please don’t suck my organs.’ Love this !

    Liked by 1 person

    • Really? That’s so cool hehe 😂 Omg yeah ya a little scary right? Omg yeah lol! What I do in the toilet is I put my pants up and then quickly flush the toilet and cover my eyes and press hard so my eardrums don’t pop 😂😂
      THANK YOU SO MUCH!! 🦄🌈

      PS: Sorry for the late reply

      Liked by 1 person

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