Recreating Becky G’s Eye Makeup!!

Recreating Becky G's Eye Makeup

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re all having a great day! Today I’m really excited because I’m not only doing a makeup blog post, but also I’m recreating a makeup look!!! Yasssss party hard errybodeh!!!

Ok so some months ago I was on instagram and I saw this picture of Becky G and I liked it because in that time I was having this confusion whether green eye shadow really complemented brown eyes.IMG_7182

I think she pulled off this makeup look amazingly, she looks flawless!!! 😍

I really like the green she’s using and I love the fact that she mixed it with brown, which is something I had never thought of doing, I thought green eye shadow meant doing your whole eye makeup in green tones 😂😂😂

Now let’s go with the makeup thing!

le Becky G’s makeup recreation:

So the palette I used is a palette my mom bought me at the beginning of the year or something. I actually got the idea because it was all brown and the green color it had was pretty similar to Becky G’s. I think.palette yaws

I marked the colors I’m gonna use just in case.

Ok so first off, I did the outer corner of the eye with the darkest brown in marked in the palette. You can’t really tell *as always*IMG_7359

The next thing I did was give some color to my crease so I used this other not-so-dark brown this time. Becky G also had brown on her crease.IMG_7370

Then I went on with the green. I tried to put it as close to the crease so you wouldn’t see a frontier between the 2 colors. I think you can see it anyway. I did some touch ups later as I was going.img_7388.jpg

I also did the lower lid, I did it all brown, as Becky did.img_7396.jpg

I think Becky’s wearing under eye liner, so I did that, can you tell?IMG_7401

I realized Becky was wearing liner, I couldn’t tell before because she was wearing fake lashes, which pretty much hid the liner. I kinda suck at it, but I did it for the sake of this post.IMG_7408

It looks a little sh*tty, but I fixed it lol

You obvs can’t see it, but I actually messed up, because my eyes looked super uneven, like honestly, one liner has pretty much up and the other one was longer and pretty horizontal 😅😅

Who needs liner right?

I then did the last part, lashes!!!IMG_7425

And this is the final look, lemme show you the side-by-side:Recreating Becky G's Eye Makeup

I’m not an eye model, ok? *cries*

Final thoughts:

  • I think I didn’t do as well as I thought, but also I could’ve totally messed it up, I mean I did, but not THAT much, does that makes sense? 😅
  • I have improved with the camera, like, right nor I’m taking higher quality pictures of my eyes, because with the same phone camera I did them pretty blurry, for some reason.
  • I don’t know if you can tell compared to other makeup looks I’ve done, but for some reason, this look, because of the colors *cause otherwise why is that?* my eyes look lighter. Like, on camera and irl, they look a little lighter.

So if you kids for whatever reason wanna make your eyes look lighter, try out this look!



Share  your thoughts with me!

Did you like this look? Did you not? Are you good at liner? Do you like green makeup? Do you like Becky G? Are you good at selfies? Tell meeeeeeeeeeeeee

I hope y’all liked this blog post as much as I enjoyed making it! I love these posts, you’ll keep seeing them!!! I hope y’all have an amazing day/night and an amazing week!!!

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina 🦄

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