Makeup Things that Make Me Cringe

Things That Make Me Cringe - Makeup

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re having a great day! I was sad I’m not making a makeup look today, but at least I can talk about makeup, and that’s cool! I’ll make makeup looks when I come home.

So yep, let’s get the party started!!!

Makeup things that makes me cringe:

Foundation after eye shadow:

I mean, what? 😱 Ever since I started watching youtube videos, the normal thing was to do foundation first, I mean, at least that’s all I saw out there. I mean, don’t your eyes get messed up if you do foundation after? It’s just much more comfortable to do shadow after.

Concealer after foundation:

I mean, I always first hide my pimples and stuff and then I’d cover it all up. Why did I say “I’d”? Well, cause I don’t really do foundation, I’m not a good blender. 😅😅

I mean, doesn’t it look weird? Can’t you tell when someone did foundation first? I think that’d be bad for blending and the “natural gradient”, right? I don’t know, it just makes no sense to me 😂

When people put on too much cream:

You know, some people put on face cream before starting to do their makeup, I do that too. But some people go too far with that 😂😂 their faces end up looking TOO shiny, I mean, over hydrating is bad, that could get you pimples.

When people don’t curl their lashes:

I mean, what’s the freaking point of mascara if you don’t curl your non-curly lashes? It just looks bad! Your lashes are an important part, why would you mess it up like that? I mean, I’m not the best curler, but we gotta practice.


This post seems really short without the gifs, but I couldn’t find any ones related to this, hehe 😛

Share your thoughts with me!

Do you relate with any of these? Are there any makeup techniques that make you cringe? What things do you do first? Do you do makeup often? Tell meeeeeeeeeee

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked making it! I love talking makeup! Idk why I haven’t done it earlier. I hope you have an amazing day/night and an amazing week!

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina 🐰

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8 thoughts on “Makeup Things that Make Me Cringe

    • Really? They all make you cringe? Is it because of the poses they do after they finish? That makes me cringe too. And lol well in my case I do it cause I like learning, I won’t watch a makeup tutorial I don’t feel interested in learning 😅
      I recommend you a YouTube channel called SimplyNailogical, she does sometimes makeup but she does is with humor, maybe you’ll like it? Lemme know what you think of it!!!


  1. Lol I can understand why some of these make you cringe, but let me shed some light from my side of things. I don’t curl my lashes because they’re already curly enough. I never understood the reason why people would curl their lashes because in my mind everyone’s lashes were curly, that’s until I did my friends makeup. She’s asian and has the straightest lashes known to man. It was then I understood why curlers were necessary. Now as far as applying foundation and concealer after the eyes, I’ll explain why I prefer it. I don’t like having any fallout on my face after I spent time applying/setting it. The way I keep from getting foundation in my eyes is actually very simple, I use tape to slant the shadow and get a crisp edge. When I apply foundation and concealer it’s as simple as pie to go right along the edge without worries. Then I set my face and finish off the eye look! Hope that helps clear some things up😁 💗

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    • Omg really? Well now that you say it, I take for granted that even people with curly lashes need to curl them, idk why, maybe cause some have them curlier than others? 😛
      Omg I hadn’t thought of that, yeah it’s true that sometimes you mess up and ruin the foundation and concealer you’ve already done, I have no idea how I hadn’t thought of that before!!!
      Thank you so much for commenting, you enlightened me!!!! 😀 ❤

      P.S. I'm sorry for the late reply 😦

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      • Haha no problem! Yes it’s fun seeing how different everyone’s makeup journey’s are! I’ve run into the oddest things (good odd, of course) but things that have never even crossed my mind are happening out there and it’s so great that something like makeup can bring us together to understand those differences! I’m glad we could share each other’s experiences through this medium, thanks for this post I enjoyed it and I am happy I could help!❤🥰😁 💗

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