I Went to Mexico for 2 Months


Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re all having a great day!! Remember when I told you I was gonna share pics of the things I did which I talked about in previous posts? Me neither! Kidding, let’s go!

I gathered all of the pictures I wanted to show you and I’m about to do it.

Oh btw I’m back, I came back safe, I’m doing good, I just have a little bit of jet lag ad now I’m keeping up with things I have to do, hehe 😛


These aren’t all of the things I’ve done, I’m just sharing the ones I can show pictures of. I did many other things which I shared on the blog posts I told you about before. Click to the first and second blog posts.

  1. I cut ma bangs!!!!! *I’ll make an entire blog post talking about it* This is a picture of me getting them cut, hehe. Thank you auntie for taking it, even though you’re never gonna read this 😛37109A46-1E33-4AE2-A5F7-C70650988A9B
  2. I did a mini painting course with my little cousin *she’s 10* and we had a lot of fun! We did watercolor the first day and I HAD to paint this!!IMG_9718
  3. I went to iMagic with my cousin, my auntie and my grandma! It’s on the 6th floor of a mall, it’s pretty cool, though that day it rained and we didn’t get to go on all of the attractions we wanted to go to.
  4. My parents and I went to the center of the city to visit it and also go to shops and stuff, hehe.5683B411-9098-4FD4-8FE2-CE96C50455EF.jpg
  5. Of course I bought clothes and other stuff, I’ll make a specific post for this hehe
  6. Obvs I ate mexican food and I met my family. That’s what I’ve been doing most of the time.
  7. I went to Six Flags with my cousin and my auntie, it was really fun!! We went to every single scary ride except Medusa, which looks like it’s made of wood, so it scared the hell out of us. We had SO MUCH FUN!!!!! There’s me, my cousin and her nanny in the first picture, I’m the unicorn, my cousin is the puppy and her nanny is the bunny! On the third picture it’s just me and my cousin, I covered our faces with the same emojis.
  8. I’m also reading An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green! I saw it in a shop and was like: I want it! And now I’m almost done! I love it!!! I did a review on goodreads, follow me! Link here to my account!8F9EEB9B-0ABE-4842-B750-01185A58D311
  9. My cousin has a new dog and I went to her house days after to meet him! He’s really cute and loves meeting new people!!img_9528.jpg


Share your thoughts with me!

Have you gone on holidays? Do you like Mexican food? Do you like roller coasters? Do you like reading? What have you done this summer? Tell meeeeeeeeee

I’m sorry this post was kinda short and the fact that I didn’t share may pictures, but today I’m maing this post later than I usually do and I wanna get other blogging stuff ready, hehe!

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked making it! I’ll be back tomorrow with a Birthday post, yaaaay I’m turning 17 tomorrow! I hope you have a great day/night and I’ll see ya!

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina 🦈

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