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Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re all having a great day! I am! Why? Cause it’s my birthday yaaaaaaay!! *crowd claps and cheers* And obvs I’m making a special post as I’ve been doing since I was 13.

I can’t believe I’m 17 right now, honestly even though this year has had some ups and down, especially downs, it has gone but really really fast, which honestly blows my freaking mind, what?

So actually I had a post planned since a year ago apparently, cause I had written it on my blogging notebook, but ya know what? I’m doing a tag, the other one kind of bored me, whoops!

Let’s go!

The Birthday Tag:

The tag I found on the internet had 14 questions but I added 3 so it’d make 17, just how old I’m turning, hehe 😛 Also, I changed some questions, about 2 or something. Anyway, let’s get to the questions.

1. When is your birthday?

My birthday is today, September 9th!!!! 😝😝

2. How old are you turning?

I’m turning 17!!!!

Random reader: What? I thought you were 12, you look so much younger!

Awww thank you so much, you’re making me blush!

3. What was you’re favorite present that you’ve ever received?

Ummmmm I’m thinking…… Oh yeah, my grandad gave me a Longines watch, t’s f*cking beautiful. I mean, I chose it, but he gave me the money to buy it. Thank you grandad even though I don’t think you’ll read this! 😅

4. Are you/did you have a party this year? If so what are you doing?

I’m having a party, yeah! It’s gonna be at my house, me and my friends are gonna be in my living room maybe playing board games or something and eating lots of food!! There’ll be cake obvs 🎂🎂

5. How do you usually celebrate your birthday?

I recently have gone to the mall with my parents and spend almost all day there. 😊 Other times we’ve gone on a few day vacay to another country but that was years ago. And sometimes  just go dine or eat out with my parents!!

6. What was the most memorable birthday that you had?

I don’t know. Really, I remember my 10th birthday, 13th birthday, 12th birthday, 14th birthday, 15th and 16th birthday very well… I don’t know. And I really couldn’t pick a fave..

7. If you had an unlimited amount of money what would you do for your birthday?

I think spend the day in a really expensive luxurious hotel with really cool views and a HUUUGE pool just for me and my friends and family and just whoever I love. I didn’t think that was gonna be my answer, but I’m in love with the idea

8. What’s your birthday wish list?

Ummmmm i dunno. Well actually I do but it’s a surprise hehe! Y’all know later…

9. If u only had one birthday left, what would u do for your birthday?

Dude, I hate this question. I think I’d…. I have no idea. I mean, it’s a special day but technically it’s a normal day, so I’d just do the normal, like a normal birthday. I can do  special things another day???? I have no idea.

10. Have you changed a lot from last year?

Yeah. I tend to think I haven’t, but materially I’ve changed, a lot of atoms and cells in my body have been replaced. And mentally or when it comes to personality, yeah I’ve changed a bit. I’ve started new projects, liked different things, realized things, got over some things… You know?

11. Do you have any birthday traditions?

Not really lol. In Mexico we have the Mañanitas instead of the classic birthday song, but in Spain we have the classic birthday song lol 😂 Other than that and the mexican piñata I can’t think of anything more

12. What’s your favorite part about your birthday?

Ummmmm 2 months ago I would’ve said something different but since Cameron Boyce’s passing now I think my favorite thing about it is having been able to turn 17 and lived up to this age. I’m grateful for that 💖

13. Have you ever spent your birthday in another country?

Yasssssss. When I turned 12 I was in London and when I turned 13 it was the day I went back to Spain from Edinburgh.

14. Have you ever been thrown a surprise party or have you ever thrown one for someone?

I have never been thrown a surprise party but I’ve thrown one. Me and my friends organized one for one of my friends. I think it was on her 14th birthday or something.

15. Do you know any celebrity who you share your birthday with?

I actually googled it about an hour before writing this. I didn’t know that Adam Sandler, Hugh Grant, Afrojack, Michael Bublé and Eric Stonstreet share my birthday!!!!! That’s really cool!!!

16. What’s the earliest birthday you remember?

I think my 4th birthday. I woke up in a yellow piyama *yeah, I remember the piyama, and not cause there’s pictures, I swear* and my parents were in the kitchen with a new bike! It was my first bike! *and last cause I still don’t know how to ride lmao* It was beautiful, I begged for it.

I was really happy.


Dude, my justwokeup hair is everything 😂

17. Do you think a lot of things are gonna change next year today?

I think so. Cause I’ve changed a lot from last year. Also I’m planning to do some new things this year so I’ll defo change. Also I’ll be turning 18 which legally changes a lot of things.

But I’m not gonna think about it, that’ll happen a year from today.


I got te questions from this tumblr blog:

Like I said, I changed some of them and added new ones so I’d make 17, my number, hehe!!

Share your thoughts with me!

When’s your birthday? How old are you? How do you celebrate? Do you have any traditions? Do you spend that day out? What do you do? Tell meeeeeeeeee, just cause it’s ma birthday doesn’t mean it’s all about me!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it! I’ll be back most probably tomorrow! I hope y’all have an amazing day/night and an amazing rest of the week!

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina 🦈

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