2019 VMAs Fashion Review

2019 VMAS Fashion Review

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re doing great! So I know I’m late too for this but you know what? I care very little. I want to do this and I juts can’t miss an award show okrr? So without further ado let’s begin…

I was also late reviewing the TCAs (Teen Choice Awards) but I posted it yesterday *link here* , now it’s the turn for the VMAs!!! As always I’ll be reviewing 5 people’s outfits yaaaay!

This award show in particular is really important to me because it’s the first award show I ever reviewed and this is my 3rd year, what?


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Time goes by too fast it’s scary. Anyway let’s start…

2019 VMAs Fashion Review:



Omg Rosalía KILLED IT!!! 😍😍

I love that dress!!! She looks super elegant!!! She also looks amazing in it!!! Like, the shape of the cleavage just looks amazing!! I’m just obsessed!!!!!!

I don’t really know what hairstyle she’s wearing but I’m pretty sure it’s her ponytail, it looks great with that too!! Though it would’ve been cool if she did like a retro hairstyle, that would’ve just completely made my day! 😍

I don’t love earrings but they go really well with that dress.

Also, her makeup? Look 👏 at 👏 her 👏 eye 👏 shadow 👏 It looks really freaking good!!! And her lipstick is fire as well!!



Gigi Hadid:

Cool thing is this is a look I would’ve not expected!

I love her pants, but they would’ve looked better if they were high waisted, am I right? I like her corset, but it’s not my favorite design of corset, if you know what I mean. For some reason I feel like all that golden jewelry makes it look cheaper, for some reason.

I don’t like the shoes 😅😅

I like her hair, that dark blonde looks really beautiful!!!! I also like her makeup very much, it not only matches her outfit colors very well, but also it looks really freaking good on her!!!!

2019 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals - Prudential Center, Newark, New Jersey, U.S.

Camila Cabello:

WOW WHAT? Compare this to her 2019 Grammys look, that’s the tea 😜

She looks like some sort of goddess, but I can’t think of a religion or culture 😂 greek? Nah.. I dunno

Obvs it’s something I wouldn’t wear because literally any move you make there’s a huge risk that your boob comes out or idk… Also I’m not the biggest fan of the design, but it looks really cool and risky, which is most probably what she went for 😛

I love the shoes, everybody learn, that’s an example of that you can wear!! 📢 📢

Her hair looks amazing! Love those curls!! And also her makeup looks great, it she’s wearing any 😜


Hayley Steinfeld:

Wow what? I definitely wasn’t expecting this!!! 😍

This is not a dress I’d wear in a million years but she looks really confident in it, which takes some big guts, so go her!!! Cause literally, what if your nipple shows? What do you do? Run away?

Girl, she wet bold!

I don’t love her shoes, the only thing I like is that they match her dress. Her lipstick also matches the dress, which is cool, but I just don’t love red lipstick in general. I think she looks great, but she’d look better in dark brown lipstick, for instance.

I love her hair! It looks so effortless! She looks really good when her hair is down! I also really like her makeup, it’s subtle but it looks great!!!!


Taylor Swift:

And last but not least Tay Tay!

Ok first off, Idk if it’s cause I have Synesthesia or a little kid’s mentality, but I love colors!! I love the pattern!! She looks bomb!!! 😍😍😍

The only thing is that this look is too similar to her look at the Teen Choice Awards, I mean, this time she’s not wearing shorts and stuff, also this time she’s wearing high boots, but the blazer and the pattern is basically the same concept! 😂

I mean, I love it, but I wanna be surprised 😅

I love the boots, at first I didn’t like boots that went above the knees, but now I love them!!! Man, people change!

I prefer this hairstyle over her hairstyle oat the TCAs, she looks great with waves!! It looks kinda effortless. I also love her makeup!! Again, not a fan of red lipstick, but she looks great!!! 😊

📽 📽 📽

Share your thoughts with me!

Which was your fave look? Mine is defo Rosalía’s, she killed it. And what’s your least favorite look? Mine would be maybe Gigi’s? Are there any outfits you liked that I didn’t mention? Tell meeeeeeeeeeeee

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked making it! I’m sorry for the delay again, but now I’m up to date yaaaay! I hope that you all have an amazing day/night and rest of the week!!!

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina 🍑

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