Recreating Ariana Grande’s 2018 MET Gala Eye Look

Recreating Ariana Grande's Eye Makeup

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re all having a great day! I am! Today I’m here with another makeup recreation!!! I’m so rateful that even though I’m bad at this you guys still support me lol thank you!

So this one actually was a suggestion. The amazing autumngirl from Survival Guide For Your Life commented on my last recreation saying I could recreate a look of Ariana’s!

autumngirl makeup suggestion

I asked her which I should do and then she suggested the one from the MET Gala 2018.

Thank you so much autumngirl, you’re amazing and very supportive! I had a lot of fun making this look!!

Now let’s start!

Recreating Ariana Grande’s 2018 MET Gala Eye Look:

So here’s the look that autumngirl suggested:


So most of my makeup isn’t very pigmented, so as this eye makeup look is very subtle, supposedly I should do well – I thought.

First off, I had to tan myself a little, cause her skin is tanned, so I bought a foundation darker than my skin color.IMG_9822

I have no idea if you can tell.

Ok so as you can see, on the inner corner of her eye it’s lighter, somehow white. So that’s what I tried to do. This is the first thing I did. Then I went for the outer corner, but because I felt like it was too light, I went over it a little more.


Then I went over all of that cause if you can see in Ariana’s picture, she has I think the same eye shadow from the outer corner on top of it all. So I did that. And it didn’t turn out well lol. IMG_9849

I think I needed to make it darker closer to the lashes and I did it too dark on top. Argh.

And then here comes the hardest part. Eyeliner. It took me about 15 minutes or something. They didn’t turn out bad as they usually do, cause I hate having to start all over again. They didn’t look pretty even, but I think you can’t tell if you don’t look very carefully.

I did a lower liner as well, I think you can’t tell so much, I did it with pencil liner.IMG_9856

*btw I try to make it as close to the lashes as I can, but ther’re always white  spots between my lashes*

And then I did lashes!!! I didn’t put on fake lashes cause I would’ve had to look for a tutorial and as my first time doing it I don’t think I’ll do it right. So I’ll practice and then do it.

Also in this makeup look her lashes are not that extravagant as she usually does them, so yeah.IMG_9871

Now I think about it I think her liner wing was wayyy longer than mine. But oh well, it’s already done days before posting this lol 😛

Final look:


And no filters dude, that’s how brave I am!

And now this is the comparison:

Recreating Ariana Grande's Eye Makeup

Obvs her lashes look better, the liner is done wayyyy better and her blending of the colors is wayy better. I think I forgot to blend. *sigh*


Share your thoughts with me!

What do you think of the makeup look? Did I eff up as much as I think? Do you like Ariana’s makeup? Should I have blended more? Tell meeeeeeee


Thank you so much autumngirl for recommending this look! I had so much fun doing it!!!!

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked making it! I’ll make more makeup looks soon, probably!!! I hope y’all have an amazing day/night and an amazing week!!! I’ll see ya!

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina 🦠

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4 thoughts on “Recreating Ariana Grande’s 2018 MET Gala Eye Look

  1. Thank you so much for recreating this look!!! You look stunning, it looks so good, you don’t give yourself nearly as much credit as you should do! Thanks for linking my blog too, it’s so kind of you ❤ can't wait for more of these posts!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s our Regina! 😍 Aah you look so pretty! Yeah you’re right, It would have looked so much better if you did blend it. But wow you pulled it off! 👏🎉 I was waiting for this post & it did not dissapoint 😁 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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