Testing “Mirror” Nail Polish *we’ll see about that*

Testing _Mirror Nail Polish_ _we'll see about that_

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re all having a great day!!! I am! Today we’re gonna talk about nails! Cause why not? The last time I talked about nails I think it was in winter and it turned out bad lol

In case you wanna see my epic fail at drawing a snowman on my nail, click here!

Now let’s start this post!!!

Testing “Mirror” Nail Polish:

Ok so I was in Mexico in this store where they sell really cheap stuff, and they usually sell things like a bit of stationary, some makeup, head bands, things you don’t need at all… oh and nail polish!

So there was a bunch of nail polish bottles saying “Mirror Nail Polish”:


And I was: Omg! I NEED to have this!! 

Cause I don’t know if you know but in youtube all the nail polish that has a mirror finish comes in powder and you have to rub/press it onto your nail to get that mirror finish. I was like: Omg I don’t need it anymore! Cause I never really found that powder unless I had googled it to buy online.

So when I opened te bottle it looked pretty much like any metallic-looking nail polish you can find, which was very disappointing. But I gave it a chance, maybe it doesn’t look like that when it’s on?

The first coat looked like this:


I was like: Ok, maybe it will look mirror-ish when it dries? Or with the second coat? But at this point I was too hesitant about it.

The second coat looked like this:


I can’t see my ugly face in them, which I totally expected, but it looks great though!


It failed completely, and it wasn’t even that cheap compared to other polishes I’ve bought. It was 40 Mexican Pesos which as of now is around 1,85 Euros, 1,70 British Pound and 2,05 US Dollars.

*just realized I’d never said how much things cost me on this blog, whatever*

On the bright side:

But it wasn’t a complete waste of money, actually I’ve realized that this nail polish dries way faster than any other of my polishes, you have to add 2 coats though, but it doesn’t matter, using other ones I need 3 coats, so it’s no big deal for me.

Also, it looks really good! I have other metallic polishes and this one looks much better!! Maybe it’s not a mirror nail polish, but as a simple metallic polish it’s great!

💅 💅 💅

Share your thoughts with me!

What do you think? Was it that big of a scam? Do you like it? Do you do your nails? Do you have nail polish this color? Have you done mirror nails? Tell me all you’re thinking right now!!!!


Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed as much as I did making this post! Love doing ma nails! I hope y’all have an amazing day/night and I hope to see you next time!

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina 🦠

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