Merry Christmas 2019!!!

Merry Christmas 2019

HO HO HO peeps!

I hope you’re having a great day! Why? Cause it’s Christmas day! Wow the year’s already ending and I still haven’t gotten over things that happened in januray lol what even?

7 rings by Ariana Grande to be precise 😛

I still feel like xmas day 2018 was yesterday when I sent my hot teacher *among other teachers ok? ya dirty minded* an email wishing him a merry xmas and having no response, that was really nice! 🙃🙃 But guess who got over that crush? dis girl!

Enough about me!


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I hope y’all have a great day and spend it with yo friends and family! I also hope you have had a great xmas eve dinner and you ate lots of food! I hope you got a lot of presents as well!

What else can I say? I dunno!

I have no idea what I’m gonna do today. Actually I do. I’m gonna work out, do some blogging stuff, revise a little bit for school and learn how to play Jingle Bells on my flute, which I just found today and I haven’t used it since 8th grade *so that’s 4 years ago* 😂😂

I mean, I’m not gonna do anything to special, but it’s fine for me! 😊

I have nothing else to say really, I’ll tell you about this year and decade and blah blah when new year comes, hehe!

I think that’s all, I hope you enjoy this day! I hope you enjoyed this blog post although it was just a xmas wishes post. I hope you have a great day/night and I’ll see ya soon!

Merry Christmas!
Ana Regina 🎁

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