About Me

Hi, My name is Anna Regina, you can call me Anna, Regina, or both, I don’t mind really:

I’m just a teenager who loves blogging!!! I love exploring blogs and the people behind them!! *do I sound like a stalker?* I’m mostly a daydreamer, I daydream almost every second of my life! Am I proud of it? Nah really! I’m also a huge procrastinator, I procrastinate pretty much all the time at home!! Even if I just have one exercise for homework, I will still finish doing homework in 2 hours.

I’m also Hispanic (Spanish/Mexican). You’ll see sometimes I talk about my English learning journey on some posts.

I live in planet earth…I love taking photos of landscapes, makes me feel like in another world. I take pictures mainly to post them in here!! I like, YouTube, design, music etc… You may have noticed I like design because of my posts’ images. I like rapping, sometimes I write my own raps in my free time!! But I don’t put them in this blog. I like dancing, I don’t do it much really but I enjoy it!! I also like singing!!

I’m also a little bit of a shopaholic! I’m in love with some of the latest trends and formal style is by far my fave! I wish P.E. was optional in my school, cause I wanna wear my normal clothes every day!! But don’t get me wrong, I also love sweatpants and sweatshirts, they’re so comfty!!

If you wanna get in touch with me, then here are my socials:

Send me an Email: diversion3000@outlook.com

Reach me via Twitter: @anarrregina

Reach me via Instagram: @anarrregina

Follow me on Bloglovin’: @anarrregina

Be my friend on Goodreads: @anarrregina



109 thoughts on “About Me

    • Thank you so much, I love to put commets, It´s fun. You also made my day, you´re one of few people that answers my comments. And I´m a 1.000.000% sure that you will hear more of my comments. 😀

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  2. Hi Regina, I found my way here through one of your posts that was reblogged. I quite enjoy your casual everyday posts! Lovely to meet you here. Keep writing. Looking forward to more posts. Cheers.

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  3. I think I just spent a good 20 minutes on your blog reading and cracking up! I love your humor, this space you created is so chill & fun! In high school i rapped in front of my math class and everyone gave me a stage name that has now became kind of like my nickname Hahah I think it was something like “Black Ice” it was hilarious 😂😂. Anyways I’ll be following your blog definitely!

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  4. Cool blog!!! Could you maybe check out mine as I’m a new blogger ( at totallyrandom5134.wordpress.com) and mayybbee follow ittt?? 🙂 🙂 🙂
    P.s: You’ve got a follower for life!!

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    • Hey!! XD Thank you so much!!!
      And yeah, I’ve been blogging for 3 years and some months ago. And I know, on my first blogging anniversary I had about 80 followers but that grew with time. Don’t be upset about it, just keep going and your community will keep growing, trust me!!! XD XD

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  5. Hi!!! I just found your blog through- oh nevermind, it’s a long story… Anyway! We have a lot in common!! I’m a blogger and unconfessed, in-denial (so to speak), shopoholic…. I so love your blog and am definitely following!! 😄❤

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