About this Blog

This is my blog:

I created it in December 2013. That was so long ago, wasn’t it?

At first, I published everything in Spanish, but some months after I thought I would have more views if I posted in English. So yes, I’ve been getting more views since I started posting in English. ENGLISH IS AWESOME *but not more than Spanish, hahaha, just kidding*. Because if I didn’t start publishing in English, I think I would have 5 followers right now, which I wouldn’t mind but their blogs are dead right now so yup.

This blog was created mainly to amuse myself, share stuff I like: music, thoughts, photos, funny posts… I really love blogging!! I think it’s an amazing way to share things that you like with other people and also get to know other blogs as well as their authors!!

In this blog, you’ll find mostly posts of Types of People at the (…), Reasons why I love/hate (…), Confessions of a Teen (…), Pros and Cons of (…), me reacting to songs, experiences, rants, playlists, Best/Worst parts about (…), photography, collabs with other bloggers… As I’m in love with fashion, I make shopping hauls pretty often. I also make red carpet fashion reviews in celeb awards, they’re so fun to do!!

I post new things once or twice every week unless it’s whether summer or winter holidays in which I try to post as often as possible *almost daily*. I don’t think I would ever abandon my blog because it’s something I really enjoy doing. Blogging is everything for me since 2013 and I would never change that hobby. Blogging is probably one of the things in my life I’ve been the most constant and I’m proud of it! Makes me feel good!

If you wanna get in touch with me, then here are my socials:

Send me an Email: diversion3000@outlook.com

Reach me via Twitter: @anarrregina

Reach me via Instagram: @anarrregina

Follow me on Bloglovin’: @anarrregina

Be my friend on Goodreads: @anarrregina

If you want to know more about my blog, check out my posts and pages, hope you have fun reading cause it really makes my day guys!



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