One Lovely Blog Award

Hello everyone:

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So the AMAZING Matthew from nominated me for this award, thanks again Matthew!!! (Make sure to check out his blog) Ok, so let’s see the rules:



  1.  Thank the person who nominated you.
  2.  Add a picture to your post.
  3.  Share 7 facts about you.
  4.  Nominate other bloggers to do this award. (up to 15)
  5.  Include the set of rules.
  6.  Inform your nominees.

Ok, let’s do it!

First, the picture:









7 Facts About Me:

  1.  Before starting this blog, I was gonna create it with my friend Laura, but we didn’t have the time to gather and make it together. So I decided to make this blog on my own. Actually, she started a blog on her own couple of weeks ago.
  2. My hair is very curly,. Sometimes when I’m tired, I don’t even brush it. (It’s just a time consuming process…) At first it was straight, but it got curly when I was 9.
  3. I wear glasses since I was 4. In total I’ve had 8 pairs of glasses since then till now. I didn’t like to wear glasses at first, but I strated liking them when I was 10. (wow, six years after!!)
  4. Once in my life, I’ve been a fangirl. But I’m not anymore, I’m OK people! I fell in love with (don’t jugde me) Cameron Boyce. (there’s a link in case you don’t know him. I was 9 and I was watching TV. I saw him and Oh My God!!! I already knew him but IDK how I just found love! Am I weird? My crush on him died 1 year ago when I had a crush on my science teacher.
  5. I broke my left leg when I was 5 years old. We were in Kinder Garden and we always go have lunch in pairs. Two of my classmates wanted to go with me (I know this sounds a bit selfish or like presuming, but that’s what really happened) they both grabbed me, I disengaged and fell. I didn’t even fell downstairs of off a cliff, It as just the floor. And that’s how I broke my leg guys. I’ve been at home for month and a half. The person who told me: “Hey, you can walk!” was my friend Evelyn. We were at school, I was walking with my crutches, I forgot something and then put them in a table and run for that something (I don’t remember what that something was). She realised I was walking by myself.
  6.  I love food, but the 2 things I can’t even see are cheese and onions. (Ewwww, how can people eat those?!) If you for some ungodly reason seem to like cheese or onions, then lucky you!
  7.  These facts took me about half an hour of typing. (I wanna take a nap)

My Nominees:



  1.  Chloe Lauren (LonelyGirl)
  2.  tsb365
  3.  Elm
  4.  Ramexa
  5.  attenagediaryonline
  6.  Caitlin (AKA alittedaydreamer)
  7.  Em
  8.  Wanda (from weheartdreaming)
  9.  littleteensblog
  10.  dziey
  11.  maryam6661
  12.  parisianpages
  13.  teenella
  14.  georginagraham
  15.  Lexi

This also took me a lot. Too much typing…but you guys are totally worth it!!!

So hope you liked this post and till next one!!!

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