The Winter Wonderland Tag!



I hope you’re having some great holidays!! Ok so maybe blogmas is over but luckily winter isn’t, so let’s have fun while we can, right? And today’s your lucky day, I’m talking about winter!

So about a year ago, the amazing Kiya tagged me to do the Winter Wonderland Tag! Yasss 🎉 🎉  Thank you so much Kiya!! Anyway, I hadn’t seen her post until winter was over so I had to wait for months lol 😂 Then, when I tyried to check her post, me and Kiya coudln’t find it. 😭 Anyway, here’s her blog, go follow her, she’s da bawmb!!

So as I couldn’t take the Questions from her tag, I decided to look it up on the internet and take Questions from there. 😊 Here’s the link of the site where I took it from.

The Winter Wonderland Tag! ⛄️

There are no rules as far as I know, but I mean, the normal, you have to thank who tagged you, do the tag and tag people, then tell ’em, easy!


Your favorite winter song

I’m not sure if winter songs are even a thing as I can’t find one. Oh wait, does ‘Do you wanna build a snowman’ from Frozen count? It’s not Xmasy and it’s about winter! 😃

Your favorite winter pyjamas

Ummmm… That’s a pretty hard question! I actually love all my pyjamas and I’ve never had to choose. Well, I have this pyjama I bought about a month or two ago, it has unicorn emojis and I just love it!! It’s so cosy!!! Also y’all my fave thing evar are unicorns! 🦄🦄


It’s kind of a bad selfie, sorry 😅😅

Your favorite winter item that makes you happy

What? Uhhhh, I don’t know! Oh yes, my robe!! 😍😍 Nothing makes me happier than that in winter!! ⛄️

Your favorite winter thing to do

Stay at home, as well as in spring, summer and fall.  No, maybe my fave thing to do in winter is drinking hot beverages or soup 😋

Your favorite winter drink

Chocolate! ☕️

Your favorite festive movie to watch

Ummm what? I’ve watched many but I’m not really sure which my fave is. I’d like to say frozen but Idk.. I love a lot of Winter/Xmas movies!! Don’t make me chose!!! 😭😭

What part of your routine changes during winter?

Not a lot, well, I shave less and by that I mean I stop shaving completely as no one sees any part of my body apart from the face and hands. That’s all really. 😜

What are you asking for this holiday season?

Nothing. I’m happy and I honestly wouldn’t want anything other than just time going slower; I’m losing my hot teacher second by second, dis is my definitive last year with him!!!! Someone please help me!! 😭😭😭

No really, just thinking about it is painful to me. ☹️

I tag:


Aaaand that’s a wrap on the tag! If you weren’t tagged and still wanna do it, feel free to do so!

Share your thoughts with me!

Do you like winter? Do you like unicorns? Do you shave in winter? Are you like me and think time goes WAY too fast? Tell me errything!!

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked making it! Ugh, I love tags, they’re totally one of my fave things to do on my blog. I hope you have an amazing day/night and week!


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