The Online Boredom Trend

The Online Boredom Trend

Greetings peeps!

Are you having a good day? I guess so, so yaaaay! *if you’re not, I’m really sorry* So today’s post has actually something to do with my last post, it’s not like a part 2 but yeah.

It has to do with it.

If you wanna check it out, click here, I talk about The Truth About Summer Vacay. So there’s a point on the post in which I talked about how people get bored in a very annoying way. It feels like a trend cause almost everybody does it.

No, I’m not talking about people being bored and telling you “I’m bored I’m bored I’m bored” or like tell you in the car “are we there yet?”. It’s actually like a new type of boredom that came with: oh, what a surprise… social media! *sarcastic emoji* Don’t get me wrong though, I love social media. This problem is basically due to the fact that we’re online 24/7.

Angry reader: THE POINT IS, ANA…?!?!

Ok ok, the point is; have you ever gone through twitter or Instagram stories and seen people saying: “I’m bored, can you guys ask me some questions?” or do you have friends that have sent you WhatsApp messages or sent these messages on a friend group saying: “Hey, I’m bored af, does anyone wanna hang out?” or “gimme a conversation piece” or “call/video call me”

It annoys me SO MUCH! Like dude, maybe you’re bored and you wanna hang out because you feel like you have nothing better to do, but you CAN’T SAY IT!! Would you want me to hang out with you only when I’m bored? Like, if I’m having a fun time, I wouldn’t call you. How would that make you feel?

I’m not gonna video chat with you just because you’re bored okrr? Cause a) I don’t look good in camera *true lol, but who thinks otherwise?* b) you wouldn’t talk to me if you were doing something else and c) what makes you think I am willing to entertain you?

Who am I now, the king’s effing joker?

Also, the “ask me questions” thing is very new, it came with this new sticker on Instagram in which you say “ask me a question” and people reply to you with a question.

I think it’s really cool to do Q&A’s on Instagram, I’d actually want to do one in some time because I haven’t done it already, but I’m not gonna tell them I’m doing it because I’m bored!! I’m not even famous, who is really so interested in me to ask me questions about myself? Come on!

I’ve actually seen this “phenomenon” – let’s call it – with celebs as well. Some teen celebs I follow on Instagram have also posted stories with the same “I’m bored, how about a Q&A?”. Even if I were your biggest fan and wanted to ask something, that would offend me. Who are we, a bunch of insignificant ants?

Ants have rights.

Boredom is a very annoying feeling, we all know, but there’s a lot of things you can do to kill it! Also, if you’re gonna call your friends or wanna do a Q&A, ASK FOR IT WITHOUT SAYING YOU’RE FREAKING BORED!!! You dumb head!

In conclusion:

It’s rude. Very rude. It’s just inconsiderate towards others. It makes people feel like you think they’re less worthy to you. And that’ll make YOU less worthy to people. I mean, there’s people who don’t really see it as something bad, but it sounds bad. It’s like you’re saying “oh, I have nothing better to do, so yeah chat with me cause I have no choice”.

☎️ ☎️ ☎️

I know I haven’t added gifs nor emojis, but I thought this would be a little more of like social criticism and I wanted to give it another appearance, it that makes sense, hehe!  I don’t know. Though I still talked with my lack of formal words and repetitive expressions, you’re welcome!

Share your thoughts with me!

Do you relate to this? Have you seen celebs doing this? Yo friends? Anyone you know? What other things have you noticed? What are your thoughts on it? Tell meeeeee we’re all friends here!

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked making it, I love talking about these things, it makes me feel intellectual lol! I hope you have an amazing day/night and an amazing week!

Massive hugs!

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