Guessing 2018 Internet Slang ft. Bethany!!!

Guessing Slang Collabs

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re all having a great day! And I know I haven’t posted in a day, I’m relly sorry lol it’s been like 10 years for me! Nah just kidding, but I’ve been posting daily for the past week

It doesn’t matter. Today is another slang post yaaaay!!!! And obvs ANOTHER COLLAB!!!!! Today I’m here with the A-MAZ-ZING Bethany from BethanyAndBooks and I’m really excited for this!!! Follow her blog, she’s amazing!!!!

So I did some research on 2018 Internet slang and chose 10 expressions or words that I didn’t know the meaning of – cause I supposed weren’t THAT common – and now Bethany is going to guess them!

Guessing 2018 Internet Slang ft. Bethany:


I know that people say that their wig is snatched so is it like when you’re really surprised? That’s what I’m thinking anyway.

Answer: Used to describe anything that looks really good or on point.


I literally have no idea. I realize that it’s a phrase that must consist of three words beginning with s, n and m but I can’t think what they could be. Perhaps, Sorry never mind.

Answer: Say No More.

Beer me please:

Umm, well beer is a drink but I don’t think it’s just asking for a beer. Is it like cheer me up? I guess for some people beer cheers them up.

Answer: Get me a beer


I’m not sure but I hope it means a dank tweet, you know like dank memes. I don’t know exactly what a dank tweet would be but I think it would be brilliant.

Answer: A drunk tweet – tweeting something while you’re drunk.


Another one of these which I still have no clue about. OOH!! I guess it could be not safe for work, I know that’s a thing when it includes references to sex and other stuff deemed inappropriate.

Answer: Initials of “not safe for work”. Something that you can’t see or open in public or workplace


A short way of saying a party hat? Like people roll up to a birthday party wearing a phat on their head.

Answer: Initials of “pretty hot and tempting”


It’s a fish. I guess you might call someone a salmon if they’re being a bit fishy. Or like if they’re being a bit sly and cunning.

Answer: A man who likes to date younger women


I KNOW THIS ONE! It’s when you get into someone else’s photo. Like they might be taking a selfie and you’d photobomb them by standing in the background.


ANOTHER ONE I KNOW!! This stands for Too Long; Didn’t Read and I think the meaning is pretty obvious for that one.

Quantum physics:

Well I know what quantum physics is but as apparently it’s slang, it’s obviously not that. Is it something you say when someone tells you something which blows your mind? I’m not really sure, like pretty much all of the previous answers.

Answer: the ultimate mind screw (e.g., the reason one sock disappears when you do your laundry)

I took these slang expressions from here:


And that was it! Thank you so much Bethany for being here on my blog today, I had a lot of fun learning these expressions and reading your answers!!!! Psst, we also did a collab on her blog, she asked me questions about books, blogging and more, click here!

Share your thoughts with me!

Did you know these slang expressions? Which ones? Which ones didn’t you know? Do you use a lot of slang on the internet? Would you like to do a collab on my blog? Tell meeeeeeeeee

I hope you liked this post as much as Bethany and I did making it! I’ll be doing more collabs soon! Check the other collab!!!!I hope you have a fab day/night and a fab week!!!

Massive hugs!

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24 thoughts on “Guessing 2018 Internet Slang ft. Bethany!!!

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  2. AAAAHH i didn’t know any of the slang up there except for photo bomb 😂😂😂 Am I getting behind the internet? No, right?? 😂 I wonder who makes all these slangs because they make life so much difficult 😂 Anyways, great post! I learned something again 😁😁😁

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