Interview to my friend Endry:

Hello eveyone:

Hope you´re having a great day, today is my friend Endry´s turn so, here we go…

What´s your favourite movie?

I don´t know yet, it´s hard for me to answer that, considering that there are lots of movies I like and I cannot choose one. But one of my favourites is “3MSC”.

If you could be a famous singer, Which one would you be?

Demi Lovato, oviously.

What´s your favourite song? And the last one you heard?

I have ots of favourite songs, but one of them is “Skycraper”. The last one I heard is “Tocado y Hundido”

Which are your hobbies?

Music, sports, volleyball, football and so on…

What´s your favourite dessert?

I don´t know yet.

If you could be an animal, Whick one would you be?

Maybe a horse or a dolphin, because I like them or maybe a monkey, because they think…

What are you most good at?

I love music and I always do things related to it, I think music is the answer.

In last place… Whould you eat sweat rice with milk (sounds weird but that is a tipical dessert in Spain. Tastes more good than it sounds, trust me.) along with tomato sauce?

No, of course not.

Well, here ends the interview, please give me a like if you didn´t like “sweat rice with milk” (just kidding, don´t give me a like if you didn´t like it). Hope you have a nice day and bye.

Question of the day:

What´s your favourite dessert? (Respond in the comments)

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