Birthday Pijama Parties (and other parties at home)

Hello readers, bloggers, minions, unicorns…

Today I´m gonna tell you about many different parties you can make at home.

1. PIJAMA PARTIES (and maybe if you don´t organise a birthday party, you can always makea special BIRTHDAY PJAMA PARTY)

2. NORMAL DANCING PARTY (those parties wich don´t end in disaster)

3. FRIEND MEETING (a normal meeting with few of your fiends)

4. COSPLAY (is a party where everyone needs to wear a costume) COSPLAY is a mix between COSTUME and PLAY

5. CYBERPARTY (a sleepover/party where you meet with your friends while you make interviews with them, make videos with them and so on. The reason for this party is that you need to use that party to make internet things)

Those are my examples of parties you can do, see you on the next post. Bye.

Question of the day:

What´s the most fun party you ever had? (Respond in the comments)

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