2017 Bloggers’ Secret Santa: Kathryn!!

2017 bloggers secret santa


I hope you’re all having a great day!! I am! So guysss, I’m really excited about today because this is not a usual post, today I’m doing the Bloggers’ Secret Santa and I’m so happy about it!

So the person I got is (unless you read the title of the post)…


Resultado de imagen de santa dancing gif

*Dat Santa looks a little traumatized but he’s dancing so it’s a happy GIF*

And I’m her secret santa!! 🎅 Errybody put your hands in the air whooooooo *crowd screams fangirling*

Ok so let’s begin:

Who’s Kathryn?

Kathryn is a 14 year-old (at least her profile says it, am I a stalker?) American blogger who likes drawing, listening to music (like me) and the French language! 😊

Her Blog:

Kathryn blogs @ Blooming with the Wild Flowers with other 2 bloggers; Izable and Lauren. *before creating this blog, I actually wanted to make a blog with a friend, yeah sad*

She makes really cool content, she shares not only her paintings but also she shares with the world works of art she likes and they’re really interesting!! She also shares songs she likes, some of them are in French as she loves french, which I relate to cause I love English and all the music I listen to is in English.  *I’m hispanic btw*

Random reader: Umm, enough about you, Regina! 🙄

Ok sorry, she also talks about places in the world, books she likes, etc…

Here are some of my fave posts from her:

Appreciation time!

Ok so when Kate told me I got Kathryn for secret Santa, I didn’t know who she was, obviously that made me really curious about her blog cause I like knowing new people in this blogosphere!! I read her posts and they’re amazing! 😃

I not only like her writing style, but also I admire that she listens to music in French and loves the language, I barely know anyone who wants to learn a lanuage because they’re passionate about it.

I also really like her painting style, I saw a drawing she had made with watercolor and it looks so pretty!! I like watercolor paintings because they are relaxing and the fading of the colors is beautiful!!!! 😍😍

I don’t know her very well (specially cause I visited her blog only few days ago *cries*) but she seems really really nice!!!

And last but not least…

I wanted to do more than just talking about her, so I decided to dedicate her some shtuff (if I can call it that) as gifts!

First, we’ll kick this off by some happy vibe quotes:

Resultado de imagen de you're awesome quotes

Resultado de imagen de friend quotes

Resultado de imagen de you can do anything quotes

And now a GIF!!

Resultado de imagen de hug gif

And last but not least, this is a song I really like, it was released in 2008, it’s called Ella Elle L’a by Kate Ryan, it reminds me a lot of when I was about 6 or 7. I don’t know if you may like it Kathryn, but I hope you do. 🙃


And that was it for today!! I hope you liked this post Kathryn, I made it with love!! 🦄💛

If you’re reading this and you’re not Kathryn, then thanks so much for reading, have a blessed day and I send you big hugs too!!

Special thanks to Kate @ AllTheTrinkets for hosting this year’s Bloggers’ Secret Santa, it was so fun!! 😍😍

I also wanna thank the lovely, I mean WONDERFUL Ash, who was my secret Santa this year, she made an incredible post saying the most flattering and heart warming things about me! Thank you thank you so much!!! I LUV YA, ASH!!!!!! 🦄💛

Psssst, here’s the post in case you wanna see it, click the image!

I hope you guys liked this post, follow Kathryn! I hope everyone is having a great time in holidays so far!! I hope you have a nice day/night and week, I hope to see you tomorrow!!!!


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