I’m Hosting a Twitter Chat?! | #LeBlawgChat



Are you having a good day? I am! So apart from the fact that school starts tomorrow, I have very exciting news *at least to me* that you probably already know by the title…

🤩 I’M MAKING A TWITTER BLAWG CHAT!!!!! 🤩Imagen relacionada

Yas guys, I am hosting a Twitter chat, it’s called #LeBlawgChat I actually had been thinking of this for a while until few weeks ago I was like: Well, the year is gonna start, maybe I could try making dat twitter chat I was thinking about 😄

I follow some twitter accounts that host twitter chats and they do it once or sometimes twice a week, but I knew that with school coming and then exam season, I would have a lot of time, so I decided to make it once every month.

I also asked on twitter what days I should make it and also the time, and got some help by the amazing Sumedha!

And luckily it turned out just the way I wanted it, I also wanted the chat to be on Fridays, because those are the days I have more time, at the beginning of the month *don’t really know why* and at 7:00 pm GMT!!! 😝😝

Also, if ever I couldn’t host the chat either because the Star Wars empire required my lightsaber skills for a battle or because I were too busy with school, I’ll ask if someone would like to guest host!!

So this is the logo and the dates!LeBlawgChat.png

So yeah, as the first Friday of the month just passed and I wasn’t gonna do it that day cause things weren’t ready, I’m making the first one on Friday 12th, January at 7:00 pm GMT!

The topic will be Content Inspiration!

Aaaand I think that’s all I have to say, if there’s any news, I’ll tell you.


Thank you to the ones who voted on the polls, it helped me! I hope we have fun, I hope this thing works because I’m kind of nervous 😅😅

If you have any questions, lemme know! I will also be letting you know of new things about the chat on twitter.

I hope you liked this post even if it wasn’t a content one, but the Golden Globes are happening and you know what that means!! I hope you have an awesome day/night and week!


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21 thoughts on “I’m Hosting a Twitter Chat?! | #LeBlawgChat

    • Omg thank you so much!!!! I’m so sorry for the late reply, school is kinda killing me!!! :/
      I’m so excited you wanna be there!! 😀 And yay it took me a little to think of the topic, but I guess as it was the first chat, I wanted to do something like that!!!! 🙂
      Thanks so much again!!!!!! ❤


  1. Hey, you probably won’t remember me (I have just refollowed you
    ) you used to comment on my blog but I made it inactive and unfollowed everyone and haven’t used it in over a year. I have reopened it and I am reflowing all the names I wrote down when iw as first gaining followers and I remember your blog! I have had a horrendous year and I need to start my blog back up as it is something I used to love doing! Just saying hi and I am back and love your blog! Hopefully ill have a post up soon!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • You won’t believe it but I actually remember you, you were one of the first commenters on my blog actually. That was 3 years ago, unbelievable!!!! 😮 😛
      And omg I hope you’re doing better now.
      Thank you so much for your comment!
      Looking forward to your posts!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yeah it’s really easy, you just go to either my Twitter profile or the hashtag I’m doing it on: #LeBlawgChat I’ll ask you guys questions for about an hour, that’ll be about 10 questions, and you ca also interact with other people’s answers and follow their Twitter and even their blogs, it’s actually all about meeting new people. 🙂
      And of course anyone can join, followers of my blog or not, anyone! 😀 And you can talk any time, it’s like a group chat, there’re no turns! 😛


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