2018 Teen Choice Awards Fashion Review

2018 Teen Choice Awards Fashion Review

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re having a great day! I am! So I’m actually really excited today because yesterday the Teen Choice Awards happened and I hadn’t done a fashion review since June!

I missed it a lot!!!!!

So now we’re back on track! Also, today there are some really interesting outfits!!!! As always, I’ll be reviewing 5 people on the red carpet!!!! Let’s go!

2018 Teen Choice Awards Fashion Review:


Lauren Jauregui:

I don’t know if I’ve already said this but SHE’S SOOOOOO PRETTY!!!! 😭 😭

So this is first red carpet as as solo artist, I think she’s KILLING IT!!! I mean, that outfit is not something I would wear to e red carpet, but I actually like it *which I didn’t think I was gonna say 2 years ago*, she looks really good in it!!!

It’s amazing how she’s wearing a bra and like, you can’t see TOO much boob, that’s kiiiiiiiinda conservative, I like it. 😊 I like the fact that the robe and the pijama pants are very loose, I really like that.

I think you have to go bold in red carpets, and even though it looks like an expensive pijama, I still like it, because some guys are now wearing things as simple as a tee shirt and some jeans to carpets, that’s freaking lame. 😠

I love her hair, I like that she’s really pale and her hair is really dark, I love that contrast! I also LUV her makeup, although she doesn’t need it cause she’s REALLY PRETTY!!!! 😍😍 I also like her nails, they’re cut like square shape.



Lele Pons:

Lele Ponssssssssssssss she was hosting this year!!!!!! 😝

Ok so in general, I don’t like the outfit, I like the fact that it’s like 2 different things on each side and the fact that it’s different and makes a statement, but I don’t like neither the red jacket nor the dress. I think the jacket’s color was really ugly and the design was really ew 😅 *don’t kill me*, I also don’t love the colors of her floral dress. I’m just not into this at all. 😖

I don’t really mind her high heels, I’ll always say this, those type of shoes look SO UNCOMFORTABLE, it look like the foot is too wide for the shoe, and just look at the position of it, it looks like her bones are gonna snap! 😬

I LUV her makeup, the eyes look amazing and I’ve been really into that lip color for a long time!!!! I also like her hair, I like ponytails, I don’t love low ponies, but it’s out of the way so it’s comfortable. 😊



Jojo Siwa:

Can I just say I LUV this?!!!!! 😍😍

Ok so I love that Jojo wear these colorful things, you how much I love bright colors? I LUV them, you’ve probably told by the colorfulness of my blog.

I’m not the biggest fan of her jacket, however I love the colors!! I love her silver jumpsuit *at least it looks like it*, it’s cool! My favorite thing about her outfit is THAT SKIRRRRRRRRTT!!! I love those cupcakes and ice-cream, it’s AMAZING!!! It reminds me of something Just Dance dancers would wear, you know? I’m obsessed!!! 😄😄😄

I like her shoes, I think almost every kid has had colorful converse like that!

And she doesn’t look like she’s wearing makeup AT ALL which makes her look young, which I love!!!!!!! I really like her because I feel like every teen out there dresses too adult and it just doesn’t seem right, I mean, you have a whole lifetime to dress as an adult, come on!




And just like Lauren, Normani is also showing up solo for the first time. She looks really good!

I’m not the hugest fan of her top, what I do like is the skirt, I have a shirt with that pattern, more or less. I’m not saying I’d wear it, cause it’s not really my style, but I dig it!! I love it when it says things on the waist part, especially if it says Tommy Hilfiger 😅😅

I just realized you can see a little bit of panty behind the skirt slit, lol 😂 And I’m not stupid, I know it was on purpose.

The shoes, meh, same as Lele’s.

I love her ponyyyyyyyyy and also the makeup, you can never go wrong with dark eyeshadow!!!!!



Cole Sprouse:

I know, I know I never really review men’s outfits on these posts, but there are just really few men who actually put some effort! 😭

Ok first off lemme say this guy looks A LOT BETTER with black hair, he looks REALLY GOOD! Ok I just said, let’s go on:

I actually loved his outfit on the met gala, I thought he would wear something conservative, idk. Ok so I love this outfit in the way that I cracked up 😂 *don’t hate me, again* because his blazer looks freaking little for him – honestly, it looks like a woman’s, that’s not cool! –  and the pants are just too tight. I don’t like men with tight jeans.

So future husband *whoever you are*, please, if you have those pants, burn them. Thank you. 💖

Back to what I was saying: I also don’t like denim shirts, I’ve never really liked them. I don’t hate the red handkerchief, he looks like those sugar daddies who own yachts 😂 don’t get me wrong, I like sugar daddies with yachts… what? who said that? 😅

I have to admit I really admire the courage and confidence he had to leave the house like that. 🙏🙏😂


This was really fun!!! I think I had more fun doing this than other days!!! Well, also cause I hadn’t done it in a while!

Share your thoughts with me!

Which was your favorite outfit? Mine would have to be Jojo’s cause I liked Lauren’s but idk. And least fave? Mine would be Cole’s, cause honestly, who’s his stylist?! Are there any outfits you liked that I didn’t mention? What did YOU think of the outfits? Tell meeeeeeee

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked making it, I’ll do my next review for the VMAs!! Are you excited? I am! I hope you have an amazing day/night and an amazing week!

Massive hugs!

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7 thoughts on “2018 Teen Choice Awards Fashion Review

  1. Don’t kill me but I’m low-key not digging any of these. 😂 The first one’s nice but it feels more like you said, an expensive pajama. The second one is alright but i don’t really like the arch in the jacket. It’s pretty original though. Jojo’s outfit is a bit too much. I feel like the skirt was unnecessary but props to her for actually enjoying her childhood. Ooh love Normanis outfit but I feel like the long cut didn’t have to be there. I agree on Cole Sprouse- his clothes are too tight and denim with a blazer is a no no 😂 Woww I’m so picky. I’m judging the outfits not them 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL well it’s not for everyone, a lot of times I don’t really like any outfit. :/ 😛 Yeah right? Grace Helbig said “she looks like she just woke up from a very expensive nap” 😛 😀
      Lele’s was really original, thought I didn’t really like it.
      And yeah omg Jojo’s totally living her life like you said 😂😂
      Omg yeah the long cut was probably too much on Normani’s dress.
      And yassssssss someone else that agrees with me with Cole’s outfit!
      Yeah, we’re not judging them, just the outfits! 😂😂


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  3. OMG this was so fun to readdd! 😃 I LOVE Lauren’s outfit! It’s my fave ❤ It looks like something Kendall J would wear. And I’m obsessed with minimal design and ugh everything about that whole look 😍 I agree w/ number 2!! You described it SO accurate. And cole oh my gosh *face slap* tbh, I’m so dissaponted?! 😫 because he’s freaking hot and good looking and just look at his pose. It’s SO awkward!! 🙈 I think none of his clothes go well together 😂 I just think he could’ve done better!! Loved this post Regieee! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • THANK YOUUUUUUU 😛 And omg you’re totally right about Lauren, I hadn’t thought of that!
      And really? You think so? Thank youuuuuu 😀
      And yeah, same about Cole *minute of silence for his fashion* He could’ve done A LOT better 😦

      Liked by 1 person

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