2018 VMAs Fashion Review!

2018 VMAs Fashion Review

Greetings peeps!

Heeeeeeey I hope you’re having a good day! I am, cause today is a special day! As you can tell, today I’m reviewing the looks of VMAs, but not only that, I also have great news!!!

Random reader: What news are those?

I’VE DONE FASHION REVIEWS FOR 2 YEARS!!!Resultado de imagen de party gif

And not only that, I was just curious, had time 😂 and counted all the fashion reviews I had done…


*counting this one*Resultado de imagen de party gif

Anyway, as always, I’ll be reviewing 5 famous peoples outfits!!!!! 😂😂 what am I doing anymore? Ok let’s begin before I forget hat this post was about…

2018 VMAs Fashion Review:


Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson:

Yassssssssss omg Ariana Grande, you guys know how much I’ve been obsessed with her songs lately? 😍😍 I’m also happy that she’s getting married, she looks happy!!! Not in this picture though 😅 kidding!

I really like her look, especially the dress looks more like something she would wear on stage, right? I like it though, she looks like metallic Tinkerbell! 😜 High @$$ boots are not something I’d wear but she always rocks them, it’s like her signature thing, other than the ponytail, which she’s not wearing today, which makes me kinda sad, but she gotta give dat scalp a break!! 😎

I love it when she wears dark brown hair!! I also really like her makeup! I’d say the winged liner is also her signature btw. 😅

Can we talk about Pete for a second? See? This is what I’m always saying on fashion reviews, girls always put a lot of effort in outfits and guys literally wear the SIMPLEST things! I wore that yesterday to go for a walk, don’t tell me I can wear that at a red carpet and everyone will luv it 😤 I mean, I like what he’s wearing, but dude, dis is not de right moment!



Cardi B:

Omg I got freaking surprised when I saw this on instagram for the first time!! What the hell! She made a statement, everybody said it on the media!!! I’m just not the best fan of this, I expected another style.

Can we talk about how good she looks having given birth just A MONTH AGO?

Honestly, how do her boobs not just slip out? I mean, I know she used tape, but dat tape must be very strong! 😂😖 It hurts just thinking about it.

I’m personally not a big fan of the dress, I don’t like the style, I don’t like the “neck”, can I call it that? I also don’t like the end of it. it’s like round, you know? Also, come on! It would have looked much hotter if it were longer and had a train!! Duh! 💁‍♀️ I like that the shoes perfectly match the dress color, yasss!!

I love her makeup, her eyeshadow is always on point!!! What I don’t really like is the hair, I mean, she looks good, but she looks just a bit older. I mean, she’s a mum, but she’s 25!



Camila Cabello:

Camilaaaaaaa I’ve also been obsessed with her music lately!!!!! 😍😍

I like the fact that the dress had those 2 colors, I like the sort of gradient! I’m not a really big fan of the design though, it looks a little simple, idk! I feel like these dresses – I mean long dresses – are a little too prom for these awards. I mean, I think these awards are made too cause a bigger impact when it comes to outfits and go a little bold, you know?

Her shoes don’t look as uncomfortable as other shoes peeps wear on red carpets 😅

I always think she could do something more with her hair, I mean, it’s a little wild, like, she doesn’t even straighten it, I don’t straighten it either, but if I were a public figure, I would try to live it to the fullest. Or maybe she wants to put effortless into fashion? Maybe.

I like her makeup, it’s not too much. I don’t like red lips, but y’all know dat 😅😅



Millie Bobby Brown:

I can’t believe I’m gonna say this but I actually like this outfit!!!! 😍 I like pretty much everything about it!

I like the ensemble, I usually don’t like it when people show belly, but she’s not showing it too much, nor it looks like she’s screaming something else *gawd, she’s younger than me, I feel bad for saying this*. It would look like something my friends would wear *cause it shows skin, right?* but it¡s really cool cause it had that thing on top of the pants and those things on the shoulders.

It’s all black but it’s a fun look! 😊

I love the hair, cause it’s out of the way, it’s brown *I really like her hair color btw* and it’s short, it’s perfect!! 😍

I LUV her shoes, I know they are high heels, I actually wouldn’t wear them nor I really like them on young peeps, but I really like them cause they’re black, transparent and I just love the design!!!!! 😄 I also like her makeup, I like that she doesn’t go that bold with it *I think she didn’t at least, it does’t look like it in the picture*!!!

I’m really into this outfit, I’d prefer if you get a little older, but I really dig it!!!



Kylie Jenner:

Ok I really don’t know where to start this.

I don’t hate the outfit, I actually kinda dig it. Lately I’ve been liking peeps who wear suits and only have their boobs under it 😂😂 it sounds really weird, but it’s true, amiright? It just seems uncomfortable, cause when she sits, am I gonna see her panties or is she not wearing them?

I don’t hate her shoes, but I don’t like the sort of diamond on them, idk I just don’t like it, it makes them look cheaper, for some reason.

I like her hair, along with the suit, she looks like a business woman who lost her pants but a business woman. I am not a fan of people who leave their roots, it looks bad, the hair looks fake and it also looks kinda dirty? 😅 Idk don’t listen to me.

I really like the makeup though, I love her eyeshadow and the lashes she put!!!


This was really fun to do and I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I did my first fashion review!! I’m really happy I started doing this, I never really talked about fashion before this!

Share your thoughts with me!

What are your thoughts on the outfits? Which is your fave? Mine is most probably Millie’s. And least fave? Mine would be Cardi’s. Are there any celebs you liked that I didn’t mention? Tell me everything!!!!!!

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked making it! I hope you have an amazing day/night and an amazing rest of the week! I hope to see you on my next fashion review!!!!

Massive Hugs!
Ana Regina 🦄

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35 thoughts on “2018 VMAs Fashion Review!

  1. My fav would definitely be Camila’s because she looks… undescribable, literally!! She’s frikin GORGEOUS 😍😍
    Plus, I love these fashion reviews so muchhh

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Omg I love this series. I agree with most things you said. Wait, Ariana’s getting married?!! Where have I been? 😂 I’m not a fan of Cardi’s either. Camilla looks so pretty even tho her dress is simple. Hahahaha I died at your commentary on Kylie’s . 😂😂😂 So true tho. Love this!

    Liked by 3 people

    • THANK YOUUUUUUUUU I’m actually really relieved you agreed 😂😂
      Yeah she’s getting married, I actually found out late too so 😂
      Omg thank youuuuuuu lol I had to read the Kylie part hehe thank you 😂😂
      Thank so much again!!!!! ❤


  3. Cardi B’s dress is a No for me.
    I thought I was the only one who felt like this about Camila’s hair.
    Kylie Jenner was looking too businessy for me but I still love her so much💗
    Pete should have at least put in a little effort in his dressing, I agree.
    I guess we have the same taste in fashion😁😊

    Liked by 2 people

  4. First of all, I LOVE reacting to your Fashion Review posts because they’re just super fun 😂 *joins in the party gif you got on the intro* I pretty much agree with everything you said! I guess we do have the same fashion taste. Cardi’s look would be my least fave too. (Btw i think it’s called neckline, but ARGH i’m not sure 😂) AND YES MILLIE’S ROCKIN’ THAT STYLE 💘 Like oh my gosh I love how she put it all together and just wow she’s just getting prettier and prettier 😍 I really really LOVE it!! And LOL I also wonder how Kylie sits with that outfit on. I really think her panties will show when she sits but NAH i think she doesn’t mind 😂😂😂 LOVED everything about this post!! XO

    Liked by 1 person

    • THANK YOU!!!! I’m so happy you enjoy reading my fashion reviews!!!! 😀 ❤ And yaaaaay join the party!!!! You agree with everything?? That's amzing, you're like me!!!!! Yeah omg Millie looked just REALLY GOOD!!!!! 😀 And omg I cracked really hard when you said Kylie probably showed her panties lol 😛 😂😂
      Thank you so much again, I'm so happy you like these things cause I love doing them!!! 😀 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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