The Emoji Tag! 😱 😝

Hello everyone:

So the day before yesterday, tsb365 tagged me to do the Emoji Tag!!! I’m so excited to do this!!! Emojis are just the best thing ever existed and this tag is just perfect for me because I love them! Let’s go with the rules:

1. Thank the blogger who tagged you  to do the emoji tag: Thank you so much tsb365 for tagging me!!!

2. Answer the emoji tag questions: Let’s do it!

Q & A:

Do you like emojis! If not why… Are you here on this tag? 

Of course I do like emojis!!! I’m here because I got tagged to do this!! 😃 😄

What is your favorite emoji? Why?

I cannot decide between this ones: 😂 and 😜 It’s just impossible. Why? Well, they just express my reactions very well and I also think those faces are really funny!

Emoji or emoticons or other?

At first Emoticons, now Emojis!

Most frequently used emoji?

I think this one: 💁 I don’t know why but I always send messages using it!!! 💁 See? I love the sassy lady! 💁 💁 💁 💁 💁

Emojis you wish existed?

A unicorn emoji.

A rainbow emoji.

A popcorn emoji.

A blogging emoji.

A twitter emoji.

If you can, type 5 emojis you’ve never used before. 

💋‍ 🐡 🍞 🏮💪

Have you ever sent a tweet/message where the emoji was in a separate line? If so did you go OCD?

Yes, it happens to me all the time. 😛 Totally, OCD is the story of my life.

3. Tag other bloggers to do the emoji tag. And comment on one of their posts telling them you tagged them: Ok, here are the nominations:




As tsb365 said, if you weren’t tagged to do this, don’t worry cause you can do it anyways! BTW, I’m sorry tsb365 that I couldn’t post this yesterday (because I promised you I would do it) but we had visits at home. 😩 I’ll give you a unicorn if you forgive me! (See? The unicorn emoji would be very useful in this situation, just saying.)

So I hope you liked this post and see you next time! Have a great day!


Btw I posted a video on youtube where I played Roblox games, which was so much fun :)) hope you enjoy

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