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So I started 8th grade high school this Tuesday. And I miss summer so much. I wanted to be back in high school but I also didn’t wanna be back.

Why didn’t I wanna be back? Annoying teachers, annoying friends, boring classes…

Why did I wanna be back? 2 words: science teacher (he’s so hot, I can’t believe it’s been 3 months without seeing him) I think about him every day… Sometimes I think I have a problem. I have a really big crush on that teacher. Anyways…

So today I’m gonna tell you the 5 most annoying things about high school.


I like some subjects but don’t like the teachers or don’t like some subjects but like the teachers. Seriously, some teachers are hella annoying. For instance: My Spanish teachers thinks that watering the plants is part of our marks. Not kidding.

He also wants us to do theater after school. He wants us to do thing like making a blog for class, making a podcast and interviewing people, bringing teddy bears to school (What The Eff?!)… Like teacher: This is just Spanish class, why you want us to do all that?!

But don’t get me started, 3 of my teachers teach us stuff like science, math, geography… in English. But they have no idea of English. But the worst is yet to come: They even presume sometimes about it even though they know they suck at English. That’s the thing.


Some of my friends can’t spend 3 minutes without gossiping. I hate it, most of the rumors aren’t true. There’re some rumors that the (super-hot) science teacher is deranged. Come on! You kids are just trying to laugh at the science teacher. You have nothing else to do but making fun of people. He’s a bit awkward but he’s not crazy!

But what if the rumors are true? NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Ha, just kidding.


Some kids don’t respect teachers at all. You know how awful is to be in class watching the rest of the class making fun of the teacher in front of the teacher? It just makes me feel like it’s my fault, I don’t know why. The worst is when they laugh at your favorite teacher and you don’t want your teacher to believe you were laughing too.

And you know what? He’s not only the (super hot) science teacher, he’s also the director of the High School. I hate when that happens, kids laugh at him and he has nothing to say. Sometimes I feel like those mockery affect me more than they affect him. It’s a weird sensation. Like bro: Gain some self-love!!! You stupid!

So those were the things that annoy me the most in class. Hope you liked this post and have a nice day! Bye!

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