I Reached 200 Followers!!!

Hello everyone:













I’m sick! For the past 2 days I’ve been coughing and sneezing, my head hurts… It’s just awful!!! But that doesn’t mean I can’t post today so yeah!

Few days ago, I just reached 200 followers! Oh My God, that’s a lot my friend. Perhaps this blog is not that popular or it doesn’t have that many views but hey: 200 followers is twice 100 followers which is quite much! My current tally is 203, yay!!! XD

I just wanted to say thank you all!

When I started this blog I thought: Wow, there is no way this blog is gonna get a follow, this is crap! (Not kidding) But then, I started publishing in English, designing my own images, sharing my links on Twitter and… Now I have 200 followers!

But a blog isn’t only followers or likes or comments… It is also meeting new people and reading new blog!!! That’s amazing! During the past year I’ve been following and discovering the best blogs in the teen community of bloggers. Sorry adults! Just kidding, some adults have awesome blogs as well! My favorite ones are the ones in the tag photography.

Do my friends visit this blog? Nope!

Why? Because they suck at English!

Is that a problem? No because I have an amazing community of bloggers that support me! And also, I would never like my friends to visit my blog because I review them sometimes here. This posts are a really good example: (click on the pictures if you wanna check them out)






See? I’m a bad person. 😦 Anyways, my teachers are a very good example as well. I really like some of my teachers. But you know what I like more? Reviewing them. I know what you’re thinking: This girl is crazy! Well, yes I am.

The only thing I made this post for was because I wanted to say









It’s true! Thank you so much to everyone! Next goal: 300 followers! So huge thanks to everyone!

The reason why I post is because I want to entertain people by making them laugh or relating to my posts. It’s just amazing to get comments of people saying they relate! It feels like there’re lots of people out there just like you! Blogging is amazing!

Oh no, I just sneezed all over my phone! Argghhh!! Snots everywhere!

Hope you liked ⭐ this post and see you next time, bye!

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