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Today’s post isn’t gonna be a normal post as always. It’ll be a little different. It’ll be a RANDOM QUICK UPDATE! You know what? Maybe I’ll do this once a month! I have a couple of things to say:

Nº 1. I follow a website called DailyPotatoNews and they have a section called Q & A! I asked them a question and they answered:

regina5000 asked: “Dear potato: My friend has bought a Zombie table game, but it’s faulty. Now there’s a big Zombie Apocalypse in my town, THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!!!!! Even my friends have turned into zombies, all our zombies have turned into zombies, what can I do???”

  • Well, you’re basically screwed. But we’ll try to help you out. First of all, the board game you got is not actually a zombie game, it’s actually called Monopoly. The little man with the mustache is often confused for a zombie, but he’s actually just a little man with a mustache. Chances are you’re already a zombie, but in case you’re not, follow these steps: 1) don’t go near the zombies 2) eat lots of celery. #2 actually doesn’t help but we just like celery. Maybe you could try talking to them? Make a peace offering? Maybe if you just give them something small like your big toe or pinky finger they will leave you alone. Even if you die though, we hope you keep reading our articles. Both heaven and hell have wifi and internet cafes.

Cool right? If you wanna check their AWESOME website click this link!

Nº 2. I’m gonna post a new interview! I haven’t posted interviews lately, I thought it would be awesome to make one more! I’m gonna interview my friend Laura if possible. I don’t know yet about what the interview will be about but I’ll think about it! If you have ideas please let me know in the comments!!! Thanks.

Wanna check her last interview? Click the picture below:









Nº 3. I’m gonna show you some tweets I’ve liked lately!

I know this happened 1 month ago but anyways:

So those were my quick updates, I think I should do this more often. I’ll do this more often.

I hope you liked this post and see you later! Hope you have a great day!

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