Reasons Why I ❤️‍ Weekends

Hello everyone:

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And today is Sunday, which means tomorrow’s Monday…*sight*…Anyways, by the title of this post you may have guessed I’m gonna share with you the main Reasons why I ❤️‍ Weekends, because there’s nothing I like more than weekends…apart from food, my family, Christmas, music, pizza, emoji and unicorns… So let’s do it:


Reasons Why I ❤️‍ Weekends

No school and no teachers:

And no school means no homework, no studying (unless you have an exam the following week)… Seriously, sometimes I have fun a school because we have a lot of hilarious experiences at school with friends but that can’t be compared to weekends! And it’s not that I hate teachers “TO DEATH” but sometimes they can get really annoying. Because at school teachers do lots of outrageous things we students hate, you know: preferring someone over everyone else, hating someone over everyone else (unless that kid’s stupid), only asking questions to 1 person (the favorite student), grounding the person who wasn’t guilty… Reasons are endless!!

No annoying classmates:

Sometimes I hate my classmates. They’re always bothering others just for fun, I’m glad they don’t get paid for that, it’ll be HELL!! And then after bothering you everyday and every week, they have the nerve to ask you for the homework, like WT*? You’ve been bothering me for so long and then you want me to lend you my homework?? Go ask your mother!!!! Ok Anna, you’re getting a little angry, let’s calm down…

No boring classes:

And for real, the other day, I almost fell asleep in technology class. Ok, I was tired and the teacher was speaking really low but I almost fell asleep. I’m glad the teacher didn’t notice. Like: I like my teachers (well, most of them) and they’re nice people…but they make the class turn into hell!!! They make it so boring that it seems they do it in purpose!!!

Going to sleep late:

And this is my favorite. When there’s school at the next day, you have to make your routine. But not in weekends!!! You can stay up late and go to sleep whenever you want!!! The day’s longer!!! You can do lots of things during that day!!!! And it doesn’t matter if you have insomnia, you’ll wake up as late as you want the next day!!!!! NO RULES!!!! 


As some of you may know, I only post on weekends and some Fridays. Why? I have a lot of homework everyday and I also have to study + the time I spend procrastinating, it takes me a lot of time. I wish procrastination was a talent cause I could go to talent contests!!! So that’s why I only post on weekends!!!!

So those were the Reasons Why I ❤️‍ Weekends, hope you liked it!!! Why do you like weekends?? Is there anything I missed?? Tell me in the comments!!!!

Other stuff: My new friend EDMonGOVN has recently sad goodbye to blogging, I just wanted to say thank you for everything because she invited me to one of her blog’s projects and also invited me to write in one of her posts!!!! We also had really fun emoji fights!! I’m glad we’ll still be in touch via Twitter!!!! By the way, follow her on Twitter: @Schmidt_smritz

So I hope you enjoyed and see you next time!!!!

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    • Yeah, weekends rule!!! XD And my teachers are nice and stuff but my crush is the (hot) teacher. I mean, the rest of my teachers are fine, but I don’t have a crush on them, gross!! hahaha!!! XD


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