Things I Hate About Planes

Things I Hate About PlanesHI GUYS!

Wassup peeps? As some of you may know, I’m not going on holidays nor going on camp this summer. But still I’ve been on a plane thousands of times and I think I am qualified enough to make this post.

Traveling can be pretty fun the first time you step on a plane, but the more times you get on a plane, the more irritated you get about planes and the more you hate traveling stress and Jet Lag *did I spell it correctly?* and all that stuff. And don’t get me wrong cause I like planes, they’re fun! This is just a list of the few things I’m not really happy with about planes. ‘Nuff said, hope you enjoy:

The Bathrooms:

Maybe this is what I hate the most. They’re just so little! Like, how can claustrophobic people deal with this?? I ain’t got claustrophobia and still get anxiety every time I get on the washroom in a plane. Also what I hate is that when you flush the toilet you feel like the plane is crushing down. It is too loud, when I was little I cried every time I went to the bathroom on a plane. Now I always try to not not drink much before going on a plane because I just don’t wanna feel the necessity to pee in 11 hours in order to prevent that uncomfortable moment. Am I the only one who does this? Also because it’s somehow a public washroom, I never sit on the toilet. The problem is when there’s turbulence in the plane and you feel like you’re peeing/pooping out of the toilet. That’s gross!!

The Food:

It’s insane how many times have I already talked about food on planes already in this blog. It’s just gross! Doesn’t taste like food, it’s cardboard flavored!! I’m a good eater, I like food; but plane food ain’t food. I thank god it isn’t toxic nor causes diarrhea. Also I hate that it’s super hot outside and super cold inside. It’s just nasty!! I wonder if people in first class eat the same food. Like seriously; how can people who work on planes eat this food? Cause I’ve heard they ear that crap too. It’s funny how the air hostesses say to you: Enjoy your food when, nobody does and they know it. If I got money for every time I’ve heard little children on planes say: Mom, what’s this? I’d have enough money to buy my own jet plane. Also I eat a lot before getting on board in order not to be hungry on the plane.

The Announcements:

No matter what language the pilot (or whoever giving the announcement) speaks, you’ll never understand what they say. It’s just like: *sound effect* Good evening passengers, dkjernhiu vsdo anfewjb ilvodsidc vjfisiwkla dnejbubsiao, thanks for flying with us. *sound effect* Like huh? And don’t get me started with foreign languages. It’s like they chose the person who has the worst Spanish (or any other language) skills to give the announcement, like: *sound effect* Buenas tardes passengers, el flight va a take more tiempo para land a su destination, hope you have a good vuelo *sound effect* . Like dude, you get paid for this? *that was Spanglish if you haven’t noticed*

The People:

And by that I mean, babies crying, people snoring, the typical hysteric person who gets on a plane for the first time and starts screaming and can’t stop speaking and breathing really loud… You know, environmental sounds. Those are the main reasons why it’s really hard for me to sleep on a plane. Actually for being so many people on a plane, it isn’t that noisy actually. Kids are the most annoying people specially because they’re always playing (specially if there’s 2 or 3 kids in the offspring *I had to use that word, I can’t explain myself very well*) and they scream, sometimes cry, ask their parents thousands of questions (specially if it’s their first time on a plane) and stuff… *sigh*

So those are few of the things I hate the most about planes! If you’re ever been on a plane, I’m sure you’ve dealt with these things. But other than that, I like planes and not many people have the opportunity to travel by plane so let’s just enjoy our flights! Call me stupid but even thought I hate these things about planes, I think I’m kind of missing traveling by plane this year, it’s crazy!

Have you ever been on a plane? Are there more things you hate about planes? Do you agree with me about these things? Share your thoughts with me, it’s free! I hope you liked this post as much as I like traveling by plane! Hope you’re having a great day!!


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35 thoughts on “Things I Hate About Planes

  1. This post cracked me up. You didn’t mention people putting their butts in your face when they’re putting their luggage in the above thingies

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  2. I always refused to be in the toilet when my mum flushed it. Like I would open the door and put my hands over my ears because I was scared of the sound. YES this is so relatable ahahaha! 😀 The food eww.

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  3. I relate to all these things but the thing I hate most is the feeling in your ears when you take off and when you land. It’s the worst feeling ever

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  4. This was a great article and pretty funny 😂 .the toilets do freak me out but I especially hate that one person that continuously kicks your chair or reclines their chair way to much , so annoying

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  5. So true! Very relatable as well😂 Have your tried going on a cruise or ship? Thats waaaay better. I hate plane food more than anything.. but I guess it pays because I love traveling!

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  6. First time ever on a plane was last year for a day trip to Amsterdam. I freaked out the entire way. Only thing that keep me sane on the way back was the window seat view. Beautiful passing over seas and being amongst clouds.

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  7. This was hilarious! 😀
    By the way, did you see that you’ve been nominated for the handwriting tag on ? I’m so excited because I love both blogs and I didn’t realize that you guys knew eachother and asdfghjkl ❤

    Liked by 2 people

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