Situations I Don’t Like (Part 2)

Hello everyone:

And in case you didn’t read Part 1, please click here! Ok, we all know there’re uncountable situations we hate, but here’re some of the situations that make me feel kind of weird.

WARNING: This is not meant to insult anyone or be offensive with people. Diversion3000 doesn’t endorse making fun of people. Any kind of similarities between people in real life and examples are totally coincidental. None of these situations are of my personal opinion, they’re pure entertainment. No people were harmed in the making of this post, all the examples are invented. Thanks for your attention.


This people annoy me especially in public transports like the bus, in class or the plane. I hate this people because the verb “to whisper” is not in their vocabulary. They do and say EVERYTHING at loud. They’re usually girls gossiping in public places, but in class it can be anybody. I remember in class, there was a classmate who read, wrote, calculated operations and thought at loud. Everything was:

RRRRGGG!!!! I got confused again!


Anthony has a little fat cat…

I really wish there was a cure for this. It’s really irritating for people who try to focus, especially doing exams.


This guy is the biggest liar ever seen in the world. Everything they tell you are impossible movie fights. I mean, who goes to Germany and start insulting each other with a japanese man in spanish! Has anyone ever done that in real life? (because maybe he dreamed it). Me and my friend Cova had to be listening to this guy 10 minutes (at least it was not much), I’m not kidding (it was in class and we were talking because the teacher was going to the bathroom).


This friend is always keeping things he/she finds on the ground. Bugs, dust, soil, grass, rocks… They’re always like:

Hey, look at what I found!

Hey, check this out!

Isn’t this the most interesting thing you’ve seen in your life?

This friends takes this home and never gets rid of it. The thing is that I don’t care about all that useless trash.


This friend always has something freaking surprising to say. This type of person thinks his/her life is so interesting that people rather to listen to them than checking their new messages. They tell you never-ending stories, the thing is that they’re boring and nobody cares because everybody knows that they’re lying. They say: “I have LOTS of problems” or “My life is very STRESSFUL”. All they need to be happy is to attract people’s attention. I hate to listen to them, it gives me anxiety.

Hey, hope you liked my “Situations I Don’t Like (Part 2)”. Hope you have a great day!

By the way, I created my own logo, my blog’s Picture/Icon, it’s this one:

Diversion3000 loll





Anyways… I’m off, bye!

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