Types of Farts

Hello everyone:

Today I’m gonna talk about Types of Farts. I’m gonna explain 8 types of farts. Because admit it, I fart, you fart, your crush farts, everyone farts.

Before we start, SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Yesterday, I just reached 150 followers on this blog. Thank you so much for following, liking, commenting, reblogging… If it wasn’t for you, my blog would be nothing right now.

Anyways, let’s start:

The Silent But Stinky Fart: Ok, this fart is the worst fart in the world. Why? It doesn’t sound so you don’t notice someone farted and then, you smell it and you feel like you’re gonna faint. For instance, in class: Everything is really quiet and then, a stinky smell from hell invades the whole class. You can’t go anywhere because the teacher won’t let you do so, no matter how stinky your friend’s fart is.

The “No Problem” Fart: This fart is one of my favorites because everyone can hear it, but it doesn’t smell so everybody thinks it was all a joke of yours. And then they laugh and stuff.

The “Watch Me” Fart: So this is an awful fart because it sounds a lot and smells a lot. It’s like an apocalypse or like a toxic gas leak. Seriously, farts can be deadly.

The “Never Ending Sory” Fart: This fart can las seconds, minutes, hours, days… I doesn’t smell, but it lasts forever. Like, you can go on vacations, come back and your friend is still farting. Like: Are you done?

The “Princess” Fart: This fart is the perfect fart, doesn’t smell, doesn’t sound… Awesome!!! Like, why can’t all the farts be like that?

The Family Fart: This fart is not a single fart, it’s group of tarts. Let me explain this: You want to fart, you fart. But it is not a single fart, it is a family of farts: they can be from 3 to 8. From small family to big family. Some more lasting and stinky than others. And then it’s smells like hell.

The “Demon” Fart: This fart is like a demon. You don’t kno who farted, you don’t know where it comes from, it smells like hell, and you don’t know when it’s gonna end.

So that’s all for today, I hope you liked this post and see you next time! P.S. That girl in the featured image is me!!! Have a great day and bye!

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12 thoughts on “Types of Farts

  1. This made my week. Oh my god, this is PRICELESS! I think I cried with laughter this is so relatable what the life
    ALSO! Congrats on 150 followers! You bloody well deserve it, and tripple that amount!

    Liked by 1 person

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