2 Year Blogging Anniversary!!!!!

Hello everyone:














So today, I started blogging 2 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s just amazing amazing, the 8th December 2013 was the day I decided to create a blog. 🙂 And so much has happened since then, I met lots of amazing bloggers with amazing blogs and it’s amazing to be here in WordPress.

XD This post is just to say thank you all! XD

At first, I thought no one would enjoy reading my blog, and now I have 223 followers (more or less). 😀 And with your help, that just keeps growing!!! If it wasn’t for ANY of you, I would have probably given up with this blog.

HUGE thanks to everyone, these 2 years of blogging have been amazing. Having a blog is amazing! Meeting new people, reading amazing blogs…

I really appreciate all your likes, comments, some of you have even reblogged my posts, following me… I love you guys! You’ve all made my year!!!!!If I was Santa Claus, I swear I would give you all candy rainbows for Christmas!!!! XD (If you’re atheist or Jewish or else, I would give you candy rainbows as well XD )

Blogging is one of the best things of the internet, I promise I’ll keep blogging as longs as the skies are blue. So you’ll never be alone… HA! HA! HA!! (scary voice)

You all are the reason why this is happening. My blog is literally dead without you.

You guys are amazing, stay awesome!

Hope you liked this post and until next one!

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