10 Reasons Why I Hate Exams

Hello everyone:



I hope you’re all feeling happy! Why am I so positive today? Anyways, today I’m gonna share with you the 10 reasons why I hate exams.

I mean, some years ago I didn’t dislike exams, I mean; I study and stuff…but there are 10 main negative aspects that make me hate exams and none of us can avoid:

I. Teachers: Teachers shouldn’t be a reason, but some of them make exam time really awful. Some of my teachers talk thought the phone while everyone else is doing the exam. Like: is that even permitted? Some other teachers just ask you stuff like:

-What’s the time?

-What day is it today?

-Have you got another pen?

Like teacher: I’m in the most crucial part of the exam, get outta my sight!

II. Classmates: You know those super-annoying classmates that know nothing in the exam and then start bothering you? OMG, like: I don’t give a flying crap if you’re stuck in a question; just don’t even talk to me! The worst part is that the mother effing teacher is completely aware of the situation, they’re even looking at you but don’t do anything about it! Yes hot teacher, I’m talking about you!

III. Time: You know those teachers that leave you less time than required to to the exam because they want to explain something “important” after the exam? OMG, they leave like half an hour out of 55 min.!!!!! The worst is that the exam is long as hell!

IV. Classmates who think at loud: The human brain is a very complex and evolved system. Thoughts are a very strange phenomenon that (for some reason) only take place in human brains. IS IT SO HARD TO THINK IN SILENCE PEOPLE??!! People always do that, and it’s very hard for me to concentrate!

V. Classmates who ask the entire encyclopedia: You know when you have a doubt in the exam you can go to the teacher’s desk ask them? Well, this type of classmate stands up every 5 minutes to ask something completely obvious. They’re like:

-Teacher, I don’t understand this question.

-It says “spot the wrong sentence”.

-Yeah, and what does that mean?

-It means, spot the wrong sentence.

-Oh, ok! Now I get it. Thanks!

Like what the hell? Are you retarded? The teacher may be thinking of you as a dumb retard! Teachers don’t get paid much for this.

VI. Too much pressure: Teachers talk…normal, as teachers. But at the exam, OMG they talk to you as if they were Darth Vader and you were one of the admirals. They look at you as if they killed you if you fail. TOO MUCH PRESSURE!!!

VII. Noises: There are always some sort of annoying noises while doing the exam. There’s never silence! You will always hear a door opening, teachers laughing or telling off, footsteps… Like world: shut the eff up! We’re in an exam!

VIII. People cheating at loud: If never cheated in my life, but if I cheated I would make a note to copy. But some people are so lazy that they don’t even bother on doing a note…no, they ask other classmates. And EVERYONE tells that they’re cheating except surprisingly, the teacher!

IX. When teachers hurry you up at 20 min. after starting the exam: We’ve just been here for 20 min. ya nasty! Why so much pressure?!

X. Exams: I don’t like exams. That speaks for itself.

I got the idea to do it because I’m starting school in 5 days and I just don’t want to go. And I also have an exam the first or second day, I don’t remember. I’m really excited  to see my hot teacher but I don’t want to go to school!

I hope you liked this post! Also, have you got any other reasons? Have I missed anything?

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32 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Hate Exams

  1. I can relate to every single one of the 10 reasons…especially reason no.8 because one of my classmates does that and she’s always seated RIGHT behind me in exams and it breaks my concentration like hell!

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  2. Oh my God! I can literally relate to each and everyone of them. Also, there’s always that one kid who finishes the exam really fast and just can’t stop bragging about it. Gaah they’re annoying!

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  3. I hate exams but I think it’s a different type of exams. I’m in AP/IB classes so we have to take an exam in May in order to get college credit for the class and that is ALL MY TEACHERS CARE ABOUT. Everything we do in class is related to these exams and it’s ridiculous because I’d probably not hate school so much if we could just learn and move on. But no our teachers are really anal about the exams and it’s not their fault but it ends up taking over the entire class.

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  4. What the hell is wrong with you. If you wanna make a list do it properly don’t use the word retard and retarded it’s just super mean. Plus why do you have to talk about your classmates like that. If I was your classmate I’d probably lose it.You need to get out of your stupid it’s all about me bubble because it’s not all about you. You act like in this paragraph you’re so perfect when you’re not.who said you’re perfect.Smh man.


    • Oh my god I’m so sorry, this post wasn’t meant to offend people, I just made it to entertain and make laugh, I wasn’t dissing any classmate in particular. And I don’t consider myself perfect at all, everyone has flaws and I didn’t say it or made it out in any moment on the post.
      I maybe went too far with the ‘retard’ one, I have to admit.
      I’m sorry if you got this the wrong way.


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