The Sunshine Blogger Award!!!



Hey guys how are ya’ll? I guess you’re doing well. Why am I even asking? Of course you’re fine!!!!

So recently (and by that I mean last week) I was nominated by the AMAZING Teenella to do the Sunshine Blogger Award and I’m so excited because I haven’t done this award before!!! Thank you so much Teenella, you rock my friend!! So let’s start with the rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you. ✔️
  • Answer the 11 questions set by the person who nominated you. ON IT
  • Nominate 11 bloggers to receive the award and write them 11 new questions to answer. ON IT

Some awards have more complex rules, these are very simple! So let’s now answer the questions:

Do you prefer ice cream or ice lollies?

I don’t really like ice-cream or ice lollies (or anything cold). Not because it tastes badly, I just don’t like cold food. But if I had to choose one, I would totally prefer ice-cream. It just tastes more cause ice lolly kinda tastes like water sometimes (just saying), there are also a lot more flavors to choose and you can add chocolate chips and syrup on the top, and you also have the cone which is delicious!!!

Who was your first crush?

I had in total 5 crushes in my life. But the first 3 were not that important so I can say that my first crush was Cameron Boyce (here’s a link to his google search in case you don’t know him). He was my crush before my hot teacher.

What is your favorite chocolate?

I don’t know. I love chocolate and almost all types of chocolate but I think my favorite is milk chocolate (but not too much milk). By the way, seriously people? White chocolate? Is that even chocolate? I just can’t stand it!

What phone do you have?

I have a Nokia Lumia 635, here’s a picture (I got it from google):








Who’s blogs do you find to be the most motivational?

I like many blogs but only few of them are motivational. I think the most motivational are Sincerely Reine, Diary of a Lonely Girl and JustElm. They just really help and give really good advice!!!!

Do you prefer to have one best friend or a group of friends?

Group of friends, totally. Why can I have just one best friend when I can have an amazing group of good friends? But for real though, some people prefer having just one friend, like what? You people are lost!

What is your favorite season?

My favorite season is by far winter. Why? Just because a lot of cool things happen in winter, I like cold weather (go ahead, judge me!) and also because Christmas is in winter. It’s like a good season for spending time with your family.

Name your top 3 inspirational people in the world (either alive or passed away).

This is a hard one, I think the most inspirational people for me are iiSuperwomanii (from YouTube), Iggy Azalea and Sia.

Why Superwoman? She overcame a stage of depression and started a YouTube channel to feel happy and make other people smile, now she inspires a lot of people around the world. Why Sia? She also went through depression and left her singing career for few years, then she started making songs for famous artists and released another album. Why Iggy Azalea? Before being an artist, she had to work in a hotel cleaning rooms, then she moved to Miami to make her rapping dreams come true.

I also like their music and videos!!!

Do you like to read?

Yeah I do though I don’t read much. Whether because I procrastinate doing homework and then I ain’t got time for reading, whether because I don’t feel like it sometimes or because I’m having fun doing other things. But yeah I read every once in a while.

What Hogwart’s House do you think you would be in if you were a character from Harry Potter?

I’m sorry, I haven’t read any Harry Potter book or watched any Harry Potter movie so I got no clue whatcha talking ’bout! (again, judge me!) But dear readers, I promise I will someday!

Do you like excersie?

It depends, I don’t like sports except swimming and tennis. (I’ve recently talked about this in a post click here!) But I like working out, I dance for one hour once or twice week, I go walking and I also do spinning every once in a while. So yeah maybe I do.

So those were the questions, now let’s nominate some awesome 11 people:

  1. Chloe Lauren
  2. Zimi Zans
  3. Georgina Graham
  4. MeganQM1
  5. Ayele
  6. Miss Wicked Girl
  7. Flawed Silence
  8. Selfie Hart
  9. Little Blog
  10. Elm
  11. Luna

And here are the questions, you’re welcome! (just kidding):

  1. Ponytails or braids?
  2. What was the last song you listened to?
  3. What’s your most used emoji?
  4. Rap or poetry?
  5. Who was the last blogger you’ve talked to? (it can be a comment, tweet, message, call…)
  6. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  7. Find $ 1.000.000 or find true love?
  8. What was your last funny moment?
  9. Star Wars, Harry Potter or Hunger Games?
  10. What book are you currently reading?
  11. Sunglasses or caps?

And those were the questions, hope you have fun answering them!! If you weren’t nominated, you can answer them in the comments below too!! I want to hear your answers!!!

So I hope you liked this post, I had a lot of fun writing it! Also thanks again to Teenella for nominating me, it means lot to me!!! Make sure to check out her blog, she’s incredible!! I hope you guys have a great day!


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29 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award!!!

  1. Thanks for the nomination. I have done this one before though, but just for the record, I wouldn’t choose braids or ponytails xD The last song I listened to was by Daughtry. I spoke to you last haha! I love both rap and poetry, so that’s a little difficult. I would rather find the money 😉 STAR WARSSSSS!!! I am currently reading The Secret Garden and sunglasses all the way 😀 It makes me feel mysterious.

    Liked by 2 people

      • WOOOO! Oh and I agree with a few of your answers, like Winter. I love cold weather more than heat. We are too similar haha! Oh and I didn’t realise you mentioned me at first for favourite motivational blogs 🙂 I saw the name and was like that looks familiar xD HAHA!

        Liked by 2 people

      • 😆😉😊😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😊😁😊😁😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😉😆😉😆😉😆😉😆😉😆😉😆😉😆😉😆😉😆😉😆😉😆😉😬😕😬😕😬😕😬😕😬😆😈😅😉😉😈😈😈😈😈😈😅😅😅😅😅

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      • 😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😊😂😉😆😉😆😉😆😉😆😉😆😉😆😉😆😉😆😉😆😉😆😉😆

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      • 😅😈😅☺😁😊😂😊😂😂😀😂😆😉😡😕😡😕😕😢😆😉😂😂😂😂😂☺😂☺😂☺😂☺😂☺😂☺😂☺😂☺😂☺😂😂☺😂☺😂☺😂☺😂☺😂☺😂☺😂☺😂☺😂☺😂☺😂😂☺😂☺😂☺😂☺😂☺😂☺😂😂😂😂☺😂😂😂☺😂😈😆😈😆😈😆😈😆😕😕😕😬😕😬😬😑😉😈😇😅😇😅😇😅😇😇😈😈😈😆😈😈😈😆😇😈😇😈😇😈😇😇😈😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😂😂😂😁😁😁☺☺☺☺😀☺😀☺😀☺😀☺😀☺😀☺😀☺😀☺😀😀☺☺😀☺😀☺😀☺😀☺😀☺😀☺😀☺😀☺😀☺😀☺😀


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