My Summer Bucket List



How ya doing??? Cause I’m doing great, my summer holidays just started!!!!! The last day of school was on Friday and I’m just really happy! So that means more blogging! So here I am guys! And because it’s summer and I can blog more, that means 3 words: SUMMER BUCKET LIST guys!

This is the first time I make a summer bucket list and believe it or not, I didn’t even know what it consisted of two weeks ago. But I read some posts and I guess it’s similar to the new years resolutions but just things you wanna do in summer. *I guess it’s not that similar but anyway* I didn’t really know what to add here cause I’ve never ever planned stuff for summer like in a list but I’ve done it, I gathered some of the things I wanted to do this summer so here we go!

My 2016 Summer Bucket List

  1. Read books: I have read some books along this school year but I don’t read much in summer so I wanna read at least 2 books along the summer.
  2. Hang out with my friends: Because I always go on holidays in summer for like month and half I don’t really have much time left to hang out with my friends and that really bothers me cause I almost never see them until school starts again. But I’m not going on holidays this year so I hope to see my friends more often and catch up with them.
  3. Go to the beach: I live about 30, 40 or 50 km near the beach depending on the beach I go. Yeah, I haven’t gone to the beach in the last 2 summers. Ok I went to the beach last year and the year before but just for a walk and I didn’t like spend all day there. Like I don’t love going to the beach, it’s quite boring and there are some things I hate about going to the beach (maybe I’ll make a post about that soon) but still wanna go, call me insane! I would also like to go with my friends sometime, like I have but just once and it was about 5 years ago. XD 😛 😂
  4. Blog more often: *This one obviously needs to be on the list* I always do this, like every other blogger; whenever we bloggers got time, we post as much as we can and spend as much time on wordpress as possible. Excuse us but we’re like, so cool. 😎 Like this is a job! It’s our duty! Blogging is like eating! Like sleeping! You can’t expect us to not blog in summer!!! Like hello!
  5. Going to walk and working out: I don’t wanna be at home everyday like in bed eating junk food all the time and not go out at all. I gotta work out! I gotta move!
  6. Try to not get sunburnt: If I go to the beach I need to put on sun protection if I don’t want my skin to become a chili peel. I’ve never got sunburnt but I’ve heard it hurts your soul!! So yup, I better be careful and not spend SO much time under the sun.
  7. Take pictures: I love photography it makes me so ashamed that I don’t take pictures very often for living near such beautiful places. I wanna take pictures of the beach, the mountains, flowers, roads, cool stuff…
  8. Not think about my crush: *This one is a topic for another post by the way* So as some of you may know, I have a crush on the hot teacher and not seeing him makes me quite sad so I’m gonna try to not think about that. Cause there’s no effing reason why I should be sad in summer just cause I ain’t gonna see my crush in just 3 months. Time flies so I need to enjoy summer! And also I don’t think he’s gonna miss me either, right?
  9. Going to places with my parents: Like the beach, restaurants, new places… You know, exploring around! Seeing world! Who doesn’t like that?
  10. Going shopping: I like go shopping every once in a while. Also sales begin soon so I’ll be making shopping hauls hopefully!

Whoah! That was long in my opinion. I didn’t think I wanted to do so many things this summer! We all deserve a break from school, work, whatever we do! So what’s your summer bucket list? What are you planning to do? Are you going on holidays? Are you on holidays yet? How much time do you have for holidays? Tell me about your life! I wanna get to know you guys cause once you visit my blog we become besties!

I hope to have fun this summer and be here on wordpress often! Hope you guys enjoy this post, hope you’re having a great summer so far and see you next time!


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