Being Confident vs. Bragging



*And I know what you’re thinking, what does a newspaper have to do with self-confidence and bragging? I don’t know either*

This post is going to be a little more serious than normally. I’m gonna talk about the difference between being self-confident, bragging and my opinion about the two of them. This is something that I’ve really thought about lately, specially when it comes to being competitive and being humble. Guess what gave me the idea? My wonderful friends…yup. They even brag about their poo! Like bruh, calm the eff down, you ain’t no deity!

But enough of the nonsense, let’s get a little more serious. *Btw, sometimes I’m kinda scared that people don’t take me serious on my blog, idk why. Maybe I should make deep posts more often* So let’s begin:

Being confident is a really good thing in my opinion because I know many people who don’t have any self-confidence; cause ok, we all have our flaws and we all make mistakes, we’re just human beings. But I think we all have something that makes us stand out. Some have abilities, some have intelligence, some are creative, some original, some are super funny, some are pretty, some are talented… So everyone should have self-confidence, we’re all good at something, we are all the same important and we are all worth the same.

Like you can’t be always like: Hey I’m useless, I’m not even worth a dime, I’m good at nothing, I got no social life, I’m weird as hell… NO! You’re devaluing yourself! You’re just making yourself feel even worse! You’re good at something though you may not know what!  You’re a good person, you’re perfectly capable of doing whatever you want! Don’t be like that, it’s really bad for you!

But being what people call cocky is something I really don’t like. I mean it’s great to have some self-confidence and say: I can do it! But being cocky is not healthy (like, you know: mental health and stuff). Because we’re not perfect, we’re not indispensable, we’re not more important than others, we are who are are. Also I think it’s bad because it also makes people not like you believe it or not. Some people may like it (no idea why, but some may like it) but most of us can’t stand people like that.

Bragging about stuff like your job, car, house, grades, beauty, abilities is never a good idea. If you’re really good at something, you don’t have to point it out all the time, people may not say it, but they notice. Some may tell you: Hey, you’re really good at painting! some may envy you and not tell you for that reason, and some may say it at your back. Because the truth is the truth, as my parents say, you can’t hide the sun with just one finger *It took me time to actually know what it means*.

Maybe the people who brag and always point out their talents or what they’re good at, may be the ones who have the lowest self-esteem. I think that they’re trying to like make people think they’re great to make them believe they actually are great and have more self-confidence. Or maybe they’re just trying to hide their flaws or insecurities. Or maybe they just like the attention and they want to be always the conversation piece, maybe? *I don’t know, I didn’t plan any of what I’m saying*

Because I have many friends that get good grades and like they’re always bragging about it. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not that rest are like jealous or anything, nobody likes other people bragging about themselves. You know, I get good grades yup, I do my best but I don’t get A+ in everything, who am I? A freaking robot? Also my friends brag about stuff to people who are even better than them in something, let me explain my point: I have a friend who’s good at maths and another who kills it. The one who’s just good brags about being good to the one who’s great at it! Like: I’m not in favor of bragging but if you’re gonna brag, brag to someone who sucks at it! Like me! (but please don’t do it, I beg you)

All I’m saying is, you must have self confidence because we’re all good at something and we all belong somewhere. But you can’t be TOO confident because you ain’t the center of the universe, you’re not the center of attention, there’s always someone better than you in something and people don’t like braggers. #BeNice Please don’t be a pain in the butt, it’s annoying.

In conclusion, both extremes aren’t healthy. Be confident, not cocky! Be humble, don’t brag!

Do you know anyone cocky? Do you know anyone too humble? What do you think about bragging and self confidence? I wanna hear your opinion on this topic because I think it’s more important than it may seem.

So I guess this was all for today, it was a bit longer that I expected now that I think about it. I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it has helped you/ you’ve learnt something new (idk what the point of this post is) and please share it with someone you consider cocky or someone you think has a really low self esteem! Sharing is caring guys!


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14 thoughts on “Being Confident vs. Bragging

  1. YEEESSS I love this! You’re exactly right – I think there needs to be a balance for people to be healthy. That’s important. Also, I take you seriously!

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  2. i love this (and take you seriously) – personally, i think people that spend a lot of time bragging brag because they’re insecure and want people to see them a certain way. its just annoying tbh; at the same time, though, i hate people that constantly hate on themselves. both extremes are just a bit too attention seeking to seem genuine to me, i suppose

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    • Thank you so much!! XD (I also appreciate you take me serious) And yeah, maybe they want to look a certain way. Yeah I don’t understand people who hate on themselves, like how can they do that?

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  3. You are SO right! Cocky people are the worst! I know a certain person that seems to have this thing, where she likes to always seem the best at everything – and in a lot of cases, that means taking the spotlight from other people… I guess you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain! OH MY GOODNESS I’M BEING POETIC HANG ON.

    Okay I’ll leave now, sorry for spamming the comments section, I just had a little eureka moment 😀

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  4. Wow. I 100% agree with this. There’s a difference between confidence and cockiness and a few people from school came to mind when reading this. I love this post so much

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