Me in 20 Years?


How are ya peeps? Ma peeps? M I going crazy? Maybe! I’m just super happy because I’m listening to music as I’m writing, so sorry if I say stupid things in this post. Consider yourself warned! Nah just kidding.

So today I was thinking about being a teenager and that I’m growing up and someday I’ll go to college and then graduate and then start working and be independent and make money and argh… All that sounds super hard! Is it just me?

Just thinking about that makes me feel a little insecure because it’s somehow like starting from scratch. Lemme explain it: Starting to work, making money to pay the rent and also making money to buy a house… Paying your own food, your clothes… I don’t know, like my biggest fear is to not be able to be self-dependent and not having money. I don’t mind living with my parents or anything, but I don’t want them to save my butt all the time, I also wanna give them money when I get a good job.


Like I’m still 13 but I think about it all the time since I was 11! That was a long time ago! Well not that much but you know. I guess that’s all we think about when we’re teenagers. I’m gonna miss my teenage years in the future, everybody tells us so.

*I’m somehow like Peter Pan, like I don’t wanna grow up, ever*

Because growing up and becoming an adult is a very frequent topic right now in our life (if you’re a teenager or a kid, maybe). Everybody talks to me about that, my family, my teachers, my friends… It’s everywhere! Leave me alone for a second!

Also, everybody talks about getting married and having children. Like lemme have a job and then I’ll think about that! Don’t you think?

Ok I hope to have the opportunity to marry a good guy and have children and raise them. It’s not a priority, like I ain’t gonna marry just anyone and have children just cause I ain’t wanna be alone. If I have the opportunity, yeah cool! But if I don’t, then cool too! Like it’s not mandatory, being single ain’t bad, not having children ain’t bad either. Like I hope to, but it’s ok if that ain’t happen.

I just wanna have what I need to make a living. That’s all I want and ask for. *Well, actually I wanna be a millionaire when I grow up but I didn’t wanna sound too…idk, self-exigent (does that word even exist?)* 

But you know what? Even though I’m scared, I also kinda wanna grow up and be independent and not being a child. It kinda makes me feel good the idea of having a job and getting money, It would make me look like a responsible mature person which I think I’m not. I wanna have a cool job!

Somehow I wanna stop being a child and dealing with all those things we children/teens have to deal with: having to stay away every time adults are talking about certain things, not being able to watch certain movies, not being able to do certain things…

*Also because I have a crush on my hot teacher (which means he’s an adult, of course) makes me feel too child-ish. I don’t like it when he calls us kids. It’s like calling us stupid even thought he doesn’t mean it. I don’t know, makes me feel frustrated to be too young compared to him. But he’s just a crush, it’ll go someday. So I don’t give it much importance, I like being a teen.*

But right now I’m happy I ain’t an adult. That’s too much work! For now I’m just a 13 year old teenager who has few responsibilities and I’m happy about that! I try to not think about it too much. I just felt like I had to share these things with you guys today!

What do you think about the future? Do you wanna grow up? What do you want to do? Does it scare you? Do you often think about it? Too many questions? I hope you guys enjoyed this post because idk I just hope you liked it!! Hope you also have a great day!


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16 thoughts on “Me in 20 Years?

  1. Don’t worry about being an adult now and just take each day as it comes. When I was your age I thought the same things but now I’m 16 and I still feel like im your age. I felt like i grew up around 13 but then I felt younger as the years passed. Me personally I’m excited to grow up because it means I get the opportunity to grow as a person and get freedom from my parents and explore the world. Live in the present and stop worrying so much about the future

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  2. My parents have given me so much freedom now that growing up seems almost pointless. I want to stay this age forever. The thought of having that many responsibilities frightens me but it’s exciting at the same time – I guess I’ll take each day as it comes like Sav

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  3. You have a really good attitude about this. I don’t feel insecure about what will happen to me, because everyone else has been able to do it, but I do see your point. I just telling myself to “KEEP SAVING MONEY, ARIANA!”

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  4. At the moment I’m happy at the age I am, but I am welcoming growing up and I am so excited to go to college! Don’t worry too much about money, take each day as it comes and I am sure you will get through whatever challenge comes your way!

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  5. Same! I just want to move out, be independent for a while, do my own thing away from rules and expectations. I love kids and would love to get married (with a suitable partner!) and have kids but I’m completely fine if that doesn’t happen. I actually can’t wait to be 24-25 because I WANNA MOVE OUT FROM MY PARENTS’ lol

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  6. Enjoy your time. Enjoy little things. You get childhood/teenage one time. It is good to think about future once in a while but no point stress yourself by worrying about distant future. It is gonna be okay. It is about journey & not just about end result.

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  7. I’m 17 but I am eager to be an adult…maybe because I want to be self sufficient, independent ,leave my parents and travel the world.I have wanted to be a millionaire at age 16.I’m really not interested in relationships like girls my age but it wont hurt.I’m rather interested in business plans and business partners…well I’m in the university anyways…But don’t be like me chasing after freedom that’ll still come then missing your youth later on.Enjoy your life and have some fun trying new things!Everything will turn out okay.

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    • Yeah I also wanna do lots of cool things when I grow up!! XD Haha, I think everyone at some point wants to be millionaire XD XD
      And thank you so much!! I will! XD Enjoy your adult life too!!!


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