What’s Been Recently Happening


How’s it going? So it’s been I think barely a month since I last made a life update so I thought I’d make it today!! *psh, not because I ran out of ideas, nah* Because a lot of things have been going on in my life. *not that many cause I ain’t famous but yeah, quite a few*

So let’s start with the list:

  • I’ve been preparing collab posts with other few bloggers: I’ve been in contact with few bloggers lately and we’ve been planning to make blog posts together!! I’m so excited to share them with you!! We’re still working on them but we have one or two posts ready!!
  • On August 6th there was an international canoeing competition in my town: Yes, international, believe it or not. My town is really small, I don’t know how they call it such a big thing. I mean, there’re participants from a lot of countries around the world but I don’t know, not that much people know it. Anyway, at this date I’m usually still in my holidays to Mexico but considering I didn’t go this year, I went there with my dad to take pictures around. Click the pictures to read the full caption and see the full images.
  • I haven’t seen my friends in about two weeks: The last time I talked to them was in our whatsapp friends group and we talked about pokemon go. Tho I don’t play pokemon go cause I can’t install the app on my phone. 😦 *cries*
  • I haven’t seen my crush also in two weeks: I saw him when he was walking down the street but he didn’t see me. 😦 *cries again* Ok this is completely irrelevant but somehow I remember the last time I saw him so I guess I kinda care.
  • Speaking of crushes, my school starts in barely a month: And that makes me kinda sappy. *LOL first time I use that word* XD I kinda wanna see my crush, just kinda! But I don’t wanna go to school!!! Dealing with annoying teachers *not my crush’s case* and all that studying and exams stress… Argh, it makes me sad!
  • You remember when I told you my auntie and uncle were coming to visit?: Well they won’t at the end cause they have some important stuff to do. 😦 *cries for the third time and I’m running out of tears*
  • I think I’m getting a cold/diarrhea: Ok I know that’s gross but it’ been days since I’ve been sneezing like I’m gonna die but I haven’t “developed” the cold itself. And well, you don’t wanna hear about the 💩s I’m taking lately, right? *sorry if you’re feeling uncomfortable, I think I’m going crazy*
  • Lately I’ve been more tired than ever during day but somehow I can’t sleep at night: It’s because whether I can’t find a comfortable position to sleep or because I’m super sweaty and I sweat like a pig 🐷 every 5 minutes. Anyway, #LifeStruggles

Ok so that’s what’s been happening lately in my life. Hope you enjoyed… my life updates? I don’t know.

Hope you liked this post and I’ll be making a normal entertaining post probably tomorrow. And you? How’s life? Are you planning to do anything? Are you excited about anything happening in your life? When does your school start? *if you go to school* Hope you have an amazing day!!


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8 thoughts on “What’s Been Recently Happening

  1. Love this post! LOLz @diarrhea hahaha! it’s cool… it happens to the best of us..

    How does it feel to have a crush!?! I forgot how it felt hahaha!

    Oh, why won’t POKEMON GO install on your phone? 😦 **i hope it does, eventually….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it!!! XD XD
      And yeah, it’s just been a long time since I had diarrhea for the last time LOL XD
      And hahaha you forgot? Well I’m not a person who’s like really into someone but yeah it feels good, tho idk, he’s my teacher and way older than me so I don’t put my hopes high at all. XD XD 😛 But it feels like that person is just perfect!!
      And yeah I’ve searched in the store for pokemon go millions of times but never seen the app, guess my phone is kinda old. :/ LOL XD Do you have pokemon go?


      • First, im in my mid 30s so i tend to forget how it feels to have a crush… Hehehe… My husband teases me on having crushes like with chris evans or with channing… But like real life crushes, i forgot the feeling hahahah….

        Yes, i do hv pokemon go… i am addicted to it! Perhaps urs is like my sister’, she couldnt dl it too..

        Liked by 1 person

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