Confessions of a Lazy Person

confessions-of-a-lazy-personHI GUYS:

How are you all doing? I feel like it’s been forever since I last posted. Like bruh, 2 weeks? That be like 5 months! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in so long, I was gonna post last weekend but I had… plans. 😐 Also, I’m sorry for not being so active on the community, school work sucks.

Anyways, I’m back on track *i’m not even sure i know what that expression means but anyway* and I’m gonna share with you my 10 confessions of a lazy person. Cause I suffer from humongous laziness.


  1. Sometimes I don’t wanna go to places: Like school, the grocery store, the mall, hang out with my friends…. Pretty much anywhere! Who wants to go out when you can just lay on the couch and read a good book or watch youtube!! 😍😍😍
  2. Most of the times I don’t wanna go to the other side of the room to get something: Just yesterday, I was laying on the couch and my phone was at the other side of the room, I got a whatsapp that I obviously wanted to read. Did I stand up and grab it? 📱 No. Also as I’m currently sick, I have so much snot in nose that I need to blow it all the time. I didn’t have tissues near me so I didn’t stand up to get some. I’m like 20% lazier when I’m sick. 🤒🤒 The worst part is when you’re too lazy to go to the bathroom. 🚽 Omg the agony! 😱💩
  3. I complain a lot about distance: Why does everything have to be so far away? Where’s the water bottle? At the kitchen! Where’re the tissues? In my bedroom! Where’s my phone? Idk but it’s not right here! 😫
  4. I’m of course a bad athlete: Seriously, how can someone like me pass P.E at school? *I mean, I pass, but I think I should fail idk.* Since last december I’ve been wanting to work out once every week. Have I been constant doing exercise? No. But I’ve gone for a 5 km walk almost everyday in summer!! That’s a huge milestone for someone as lazy as me! Cause doing exercise? I be like the lamest athlete ever!health-secrets-of-bollywood-celebrities
  5. I always feel tired: Well, I also go to sleep kinda late, even when I gotta go to school the next day. But somehow I’m always feeling like tired and slow. Maybe it’s just the way I am! Some people can’t spend 5 seconds just standing or sitting. 😂😂
  6. Sometimes I feel too lazy to tell people something long or complicated: Sometimes I come back from school and I wanna tell my parents something really important but it’s kinda long so I wait till I feel less lazy to tell’em. Have you ever done that? Cause I do it a lot!
  7. Most of the times I ask people to bring me things they’re close to: Who wants to grab something by oneself when you have someone else who’s closer to bring it to you?! Like: Mom, can you bring me some water? It’s right next to you! or Dad, can you pass me my tablet? You’re closer to it than I am! 😅😅
  8. Due to being lazy, I procrastinate a lot: Why doing homework now when you can do it later? Why killing your brain with useless stuff when you can avoid it and do something cool like just resting in bed? 😌 The stress can begin later. 😅😕
  9. Few times I avoid thinking or doing complex stuff: Like, who wants to make that long long math problem? It takes too much concentration and I just don’t wanna think!! Sometimes I try to think of an answer that looks like I’ve actually done the problem. Like, what would be convincing?tumblr_nbc5wlbseq1qbtwyto1_500
  10. I like being lazy, it feels good: Dude, laying in bed or in the couch watching tv, youtube, netflix, reading a book, blogs, a mag… What’s better than that? Nothing! Doing nothing productive feels really good no matter how bad it sounds.20fa4e3c2e0bb29c7a699e3604042a16

I guess this list explains a lot of things about my life. Why I don’t do exercise, why I love sleeping, why I love youtube and blogs… None of that requires standing up!! Am I proud of it? Well, I don’t think it’s something to NOT be proud of. So why not? I’m proud! Ain’t it bad!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Shout out to a blogging friend of mine, Mariona! She’s awesome and her blog is straight A.MA.ZING!! *Yeah, I use the words awesome and amazing a lot* 😂😂 You should totally go check out her out, her blog’s called Marioness!! She posts about fashion and beauty, food, DIY *which I love*, books… Go show her some love!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post cause I’ve been waiting since monday to post it!! I guess it was worth the wait! 😊 I also hope you relate cause I’m not alone in this, or am I? I hope you’ve all had a great week!! 


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