My Struggle With Pimples

my-struggle-with-pimplesHI GUYS!

How’s life? Today I’m feeling like talking about pimples cause, why not? There’re way dirtier things out there to talk about. I’ve also dealt with acne for enough time to talk about it. 

I think everyone, at some point, has had pimples. 😕 Some people had countless of them, some people have had probably less than 10 in their life… The point is, everyone deals with pimples at some point or another. I am one who has always 3 pimples at the same time, if one dies, a new one joins the squad. Pimples are basically part of my face. 😂 *btw, does anyone know if there’re pimple face emojis? cause I’ve been looking for them, but haven’t found any*

Anyways, aunt Regina is here to make you feel better about pimples. 👵 *kidding, I ain’t your aunt, you’re probably older than me* So I’mma rant today about things people (in general) have to deal with when they have acne. Let’s go to acneland! *wait, ew! forget it, that’ll be gross*


They’re like leeches, like that annoying friend you just can’t get rid of. 😩 They make your life hell! It doesn’t matter if you don’t touch them, if you pop it *lol, that sounds funny*, you just won’t kill it! It’ll become bigger and grosser! *does that word even exist?*


And I’ve experienced this thousands of times before, there is literally no pimple that dies without leaving a gross dark stain in your face! Looks like it’s still there! It’s like a killer who died but their spirit is still there to haunt you!! 👻 Like bruh, leave my face! I don’t want your nasty @$$ stain to be around! The worst thing is, the stain lasts about 2 or 3 times what your pimple lasted! Like huh? 😳😭


And you know what I mean: Right next to your lip so it hurts when you eat, right next to your nose so you die every time you blow your nose 🤧😭 , in your buttcheeck, in your back, in your EAR!!! *yeah, for those of you who’ve had few pimples; yes, pimples can grow in your ear too* I could go on, but I don’t wanna get to the extreme places. 😐 Like why couldn’t you grow in my arm? Or idk, somewhere you won’t bother me, like my enemie’s flat @$$. Ok I think I’m getting too aggressive, sorry. 😅😅


For those of you who have woken up with two pimples right next to each other, let’s have a minute of silence in your honor.

*please stand by for a minute*

Thanks. 😄

So, as I was saying, twin pimples exist and the eff your life!! They’re like those creepy twins in terror movies, they really scare the eff out of you! If you scratch’em, you scratch’em both, so the pain becomes double. And if one pimples hurts like your dying, two are like burning alive in hell. 👿👿 Right now I have a pair of twin pimples, they’re kinda dying now *unless they revive tomorrow* so right now I can’t complain really, I’ve tried to ignore them so they wouldn’t tease me more and more.


The good thing about popping a pimple s that it’s most probably gonna die, the bad thing is you have to clean that gross endless white liquid. 🤢 For me it’s irrelevant, but it’s freaking endless!! It’s like that effing multi-color tissue clowns use!! 🤡 Endless! And don’t make me talk about the yummy dessert! Blood! And surprise! It’s even more endless!! You have to clean it off your face over and over till you get tired of it!! 😤

As a teenager, I think I’m gonna have to deal with pimples for some more years. *sigh* But it doesn’t matter, wish all problems in life were pimples.

Personally, my experience with pimples has been pretty weird: Seems like my pimples are nomad tribes who’ve been moving from one place to another in order to find somewhere pleasant to settle in. 😂 At first, I grew pimples in my cheeks mostly. 3 or 4 years ago, most of my pimples grew in my forehead, then 2 years ago they decided to move to my nose and chin. Now they just grow on my chin and maybe one or two in the rest of the face.. Actually I also have a pimple pattern in my back from a long time now but I’m just talking about my face. ☺️😅 I think I could say I have some experience with pimples. 😂

At least pimples shouldn’t be red. Why red? Why not the same color of our skin? I mean, not that I care about how I look with them *I actually think having one in your face looks cute! don’t judge me, i know I’m weird* but idk, why do they have to be so notorious? Well, I’m glad they ain’t green. God bless! 🙏

I hope you enjoyed this post! Hope it wan’t gross also. Are you one with a lot of pimples? Are you not? What are your thoughts on pimples? Have you ever had twin pimples? I wanna know if you relate! Thanks for reading and hope you all have an amazing day!


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24 thoughts on “My Struggle With Pimples

  1. Yeah I definitely have REALLY bad acne, since I was 11. I’m 19 now, and I’m on four medications to treat it! Pimples are so annoying lol. They’re finally starting to work again after over two weeks of horrible raging hormones of my quarterly cycle (thanks a lot birth control lol) my skin is problematic but I’m proud of the progress it’s made!

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  2. Ha Ha funny post😁. I’m not one with lot of pimples. Since we are focusing on the face here, I’ve probably had like… Five? About the twin pimples. I’ve not had much experience with pimples so I might not be able to identify one well. However, I think I have the twin pimple on my leg, and my arm. It’s red, though also tiny. Might just be a bite.

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  3. *heyyyy gurllieeee* ERRRMMMMAAAHHHHHGGGUUURRRDDDD!! Pimples are my enemies, no kidding! It pops up ANYWHERE, LEGIT!! XDDD And if we burst it there are more the next day. Like lord, can’t u leave my face alone?

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