Worst Parts About Group Assignments

group-assignmentsHI GUYS!

I hope you’re all having a great time! I’m doing well, thought school starts on Monday for me. Yeah, peace and relaxation is over, back to exams, stress and homework, ugh.

Bright sides: Seeing my crush. Yeah, only that. 😏🤤

Anyways, today were gonna talk about something that I think concerns everyone in the classroom except the typical lazy ass kid. Yes, group assignments. So get ready to relate cause we’re gonna start right now:

DISCLAIMER: I’m not saying group assignments are bad, actually you can learn a lot from them. I’m just going to talk about the worst parts about them and why people don’t like them.



Unless you’re lucky and have good classmates on your group, there’s always one person who ends up doing all the work against their will. This has happened to me not always, but in most cases.

You begin all relaxed and cool, you all set up responsibilities for everyone in the group and you start working. Then you realize you’re the only one taking it serious and everyone else is just talking to each other or even fighting and none of what they’re communicating has to do with the assignment. 😡You try to make everyone do something but they’re too stubborn and you begin to run out of time – you don’t wanna get a bad grade in the assignment and you end up doing everything on your own. 😤giphy-1


Imagine it’s a 5 people group. You all have to be available in a certain day at a certain time. There’s always one person who can’t be there or who says they can be there but don’t show up in all evening.

Seriously, is it so hard to reach an agreement for something so easy? And the worst part is that if you all can hang out at the same time at a place, there is 100% chance someone will say: But why do we have to hang out there? Anywhere but there! I hate it! 😤061e45c536600c341886ac65bb57ce1a


I hate deadlines. When the teacher says the deadline is in two weeks, it’s too soon to start working that same afternoon, but when there’s 2 days left, it’s a great time to start working with all the pressure on your brain. 😱

Why does everything have to be so complicated? Honestly, isn’t it a great thing to finish as soon as possible so you don’t have to worry about it later? But no, it’s too late, it hasn’t even been 48 hours since the teacher assigned us that! Blah, blah, blah…🙄200-1


Democracy is the art of turning possible into impossible – Anonymous wise person 🙏👏

I don’t need to put examples on this one because I think it’s pretty clear that no matter what anyone comes up with, there has to be another someone who comes up with the exact opposite just to argue. And I hate it because then you have to call the teacher to kind of give you advice on what’s better and they end up telling you to reach an agreement.

Like bruh, am I supposed to say thanks for your non-help? 😠 Well sit down and wait cause it ain’t happening.sigh1


Teacher: Ok so you’re going to be with Gary (the most problematic one in the class), Becky (the laziest and dumbest), Steve (that friend who doesn’t shut up) and Jackie (the friend who pretends to be smart but she’s just like the others).

Me: Great. 😐

Ok, this doesn’t happen all the time. But last school year, my bad luck with groups was on fire!! I wish I could use that fire to burn the school. 🔥☠️tumblr_mcm3xhmnac1rjq31fo1_400

Ok so that was all I had to say about group assignments. There’s of course also good parts about it like: Having fun and making new experiences with your friends, learning… Can’t think of more, haha 😅

Do you like group assignments? Are you one who does all the work? Are you lucky with groups? Are you in school right now? Are you still on holidays? When does/did school start for you?

So that’s about it, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post!! It came directly from the coldest part of my heart. Just kidding 😂 heart doesn’t think 😐. Hope y’all have an awesome day!!


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52 thoughts on “Worst Parts About Group Assignments

  1. UGH I hate group assignments so much! I’d much rather do assignments on my own – especially if it’s for an assessment task. I’m usually that one who does all the work because I’m usually the only one who actually wants a good mark or to put some effort into it. Even when I’m working with close friends of mine I’m usually doing the workload 😒 and it’s even worse when I’m with annoying people who can’t plan/have no interest/literally sit there! Ooohhh I hate it when those people then try to take credit for it. I did all the work excuse me. If I get a great group, working is a breeze but that’s such a rare occasion 😂😞
    I’m still on holidays (summer break in Australiaaaaa 🎉🎉) and I head back on Jan 30! I hope you’re surviving school – at least you do get to see your crush hahah 😉

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    • Yeah, I prefer way more to work on my own, but I guess teachers just want to annoy us LOL XD
      And yeah, just few times I’ve worked with responsible people, it’s like all teachers gather to reach an agreement to put you always with the worst classmates. :/ And omg yesss taking credit of things they haven’t done, don’t get me started on that one!! How did I forget to mention it LOL? XD XD
      And enjoy the rest of your holidays!! And yeah, at least I see my crush XD
      Thank you so much for your comment!! XD XD

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  2. OMG Regina, so relatable. I’m starting school on Monday as well. I’m usually the one that does all the work but I’ve kinda gotten used to it. I can risk my grades for some lazy ass people

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  3. Ughhh I hate group assignments! I work better on my own anyway, especially for assignments! And getting stuck with the most annoying, lazy people in the class is the worstttt😭😂

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  4. Group Assignments are the WORSE! I’m actually ALWAYS the one who does all the work. Like once, we had to this English assignment where we all had to write different parts of a story and put it together. I WROTE THE WHOLE DAMN STORY, PRINTED IT OUT, REMINDED EVERYONE OF THE DEADLINE, AND CAME UP WITH THE WHOLE IDEA. And then I get a mumble of thanks from the school. Like this is just the most recent example but I just can’t sit back and relax, knowing that no-one in the group is gonna do it!
    I like working on my own
    1) I can do it when I like and structure my time
    2) I don’t have to change ideas for some other people and make the assignment crazy
    3) I don’t have to socialise
    4) Working on my own is awesome
    5) Working in a team is stressful

    OH AND BAD TEAMS! I almost always get ended up with the guy who sleeps all day (even in school), the girl who is CRAZY about animals or something and insists making the project all about that, and the other lazy people who just sit back and eat!

    Oh, and I relate SO much to the IT’S HARD TO REACH AGREEMENTS
    Here’s how it usually goes

    Me: So, I’m guessing we should stick with a normal story
    Everyone else: yeah sounds good
    Me: Since it has to be about space, we should do about some astronauts lost in space? Any other suggestions?
    FOOD Girl: Noooo. Why not pizzas looking for more cheese from the moon
    Me: *hesitates* ok… Anything else *dreads answer*
    THE Girl who loves animals: YES! There’ll be pizza but they find the cheese isn’t ORGANIC!
    Me: OKAY…..
    Me: So there’s gonna be these pizzas trying to find cheese from the moon and then find it’s organic and then they meet Darth Vader who eats the pizzas and the pizzas die?
    THE girl NOO, EWW I Hate Star Wars
    You can guess the rest but seriously it is so hard to come with a normal idea that everyone agrees on! Though usually I can go a little crazy to… I mean why don’t the pizzas find a cow jumping over the moon?

    Sorry for the extremely long comment, OOPS!

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      And yes, I agree with all your points on why you hate group assignments. The subject in which I get the worst groups and the most work is in my hot teacher’s class (science) – also, I’m not even interested in Science, why do I have to do ALL THIS WORK on my own!! It’s really awful when you know you’re alone in those things. Once I was the leader of the group and my hot teacher would ask the leaders how the rest of the people in the groups worked, he would take each of us out of the class to tell him. I told him I did almost all work on my own – and told my group I told the teacher we all worked really well LOL XD XD Suckaaaaasss!!!
      And I loooved your representation of how you guys work!! XD It was really funny and I agree a lot!! XD
      Thank you so much again, you always make me smile with your comments!! XD XD


    • Pizzas in space and organic moon cheese and Darth Vader!!! I cannot even, I swear.
      Sure, and then it turns out the man in the moon was actually Darth Vader all along. Gosh, you have the patience of a saint. I would have just snapped.

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      • Haha! I always try and make peace between the group, who ends up fighting over everything. Normally we end up with the most rubbish, crazy, and weird idea and our teacher refers us to a mental hospital.

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  5. I recently did a group assignment, but we could choose our group. So my friends and I did it together, it was a lot of fun. But I did one assignment individually and that was fun too. Maybe it all just depends on the type of company you have while doing group projects.

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  6. I’m the one who does all the work but that’s really more of a me problem. I don’t like talking to people I don’t know and I always feel the best way to do something is to do it yourself. Plus the way our groups are selected is that the person called first is the leader and since I’m always seated in front, it’s always me. Even when I’m not the one in charge, the group leader usually defers to me because, quite simply, I get shit done. Last time I did the entire project and presentation myself and the only time I even met some of the members in my group was when they showed up to make sure their name was on the list (Lol, nah b). I can’t even imagine the stress that trying to get everyone’s input would lead to. I’d much rather just handle everything. (Did I hear someone say control freak? Hehe)

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    • Yeah omg, I’ve been leader of the group only twice and it was by my hot teacher’s choice, hehe 😛 But there’s usually no leader and all work goes to me :/
      And really? Omg, you made the entire presentation yourself? And what did the teacher say about it?
      And yeah, I much prefer doing everything on my own cause I get it done easily and as you said, I handle everything. XD
      Thanks for reading, thanks for the lovely comment!!! XD

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      • Lol, wish I had a hot teacher that would put me in charge.
        Yeah I don’t think he really cared. He just wrote stuff down and made some comments then he asked about the rest of my group and I just shrugged. I got an A in the course though so obvy it worked out for me.

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      • Yeah, it feels really cool!! XD
        He didn’t care? What? Kill him for me! Well, at least you got a good grade in that presentation, good for you!! XD XD


      • 😂😂 you’ll have to take the jail time though. Nah at this point, I’m pretty used to lecturers’ indifference to assignments and all but I still have to do them well because you never know. Sigh.

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  7. YESS this is SO relatable aghh! To be honest, we rarely do group assignments at school…especially ones where you have to do it outside the classroom, and meet up (I don’t think I’ve ever had to do that). But definitely IN class, it’s often me who ends up having to do ALL the work – unless I’m with my mates, then they do it too. Grrr. Thanks for the enjoyable post 😀

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