My Worst Experiences in Public Bathrooms


Hope you’re having a good day! So I like talking and telling people my life and stuff, and that’s pretty much what’s gonna happen today! And well, you know what we’re talking about today!

Ok so I got this idea the other day, me and my parents were at the mall, and I saw the grossest thing I’ve ever seen in a public bathroom. Yeah, we’re gonna talk gross stuff. Let’s do it!

WARNING: If you don’t like talking about poop, pee or other stuff we get out in the WC, you probably shouldn’t read this. I mean, I’m not gonna share any explicit details of faeces or show pictures, just representations from paint. Well, you can totally read it actually, but don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

Worst Experiences in the Bathroom:


Ok so this experience was the one that motivated me to write this post. 👩‍💻

Me and my parents were at the mall, me and my mom went to the bathroom. I went to the WC and I found literally the grossest thing I’ve ever found in a bathroom. It was a crap 💩, literally a piece of CRAP on the floor next to the WC!!!

I obviously went to another WC. But you know what? Perhaps it was f*cking very gross, but I laughed my butt off once I got out of the bathroom. 😂


Ok this happened about 2 or 3 years ago in summer, me and my parents were in Mexico on vacay. So I went to the bathroom in a store (again) and I found everything I could find. It was an ocean of pee and two craps floating on it like it was a lake in a sunny day! ⛵️

Kids, please! Nah, it could’ve been an adult too, right? Anyone can forget, though it’s hard to.😐


Ok, this one happened about a year ago, here, in Spain. Me and my friends were eating some pizza at a Pizzeria and I wanted to go to the bathroom. I waited for AGES literally I was peeing myself so bad!! 😩 Finally, the woman was done, so I went in.

I saw terrible things in there.

It was a tampon, A TAMPON on the WC, but not only that, it was USED!!! But it doesn’t just end there, the mother f*cking applicator was there too, on the WC!!!

I went to the gents’ bathroom, a more peaceful place, blood free!! 😠


You’re lucky, this one wasn’t a gross experience, but it was awful too.

It is THE WORST when you urgently need to go to the bathroom and the only bathroom free has a problem. And that problem is that the door lock doesn’t work. I had to go like REAL BAD so I just sat down and did ma business while pushing the door with one foot. 😂

I’m like a ninja! 🤜✋


So this is the last experience.. I have NO IDEA when it happened nor where, also cause this is so usual. The water was perfect, clean, without any bodily waste products. The surroundings, were the problem.

You know when you pee, sometimes you leave pee drops? Sometimes you notice and wipe ’em, but they’re usually transparent so perhaps we not always see ’em. But this wasn’t pee, it was visible. Yes. Yes. Blood.

Maybe it wasn’t the grossest thing I’ve seen, cause, I’m a female too, but it’s gross when you wipe it. Ew! 🤢 Specially if it’s not yours.

And that was it! Did I gross you out? Sorry, told ya not to read! But now that you did, gimme a like! 😂 Btw I drew the pictures myself with paint. I’m so professional drawing bodily waste!

Please don’t tell me this post was a sh!t. 😂💩

But really, what gave me the confidence to write this? Last time I did a gross post was 2 months ago, it’s called Thoughts When You Take Long in the Bathroom and I didn’t think it was gonna be that gross, but when I read the comments, I was like: Yeah, maybe I went a little too far. But you guys were really supportive, no one hated on it and said it was too explicit or inappropriate at all!

I even got 2 mentions on other blogs!

Balie @ Novelersblog mentioned my post a a month wrap up as “Popular posts around the blogosphere”.

Click here so see the whole post!

And ArtsyTeen @ Hearwhat’sup mentioned the post on a Q&A with her brother as “The funniest post she’s ever read”.

Click here to see the whole post!

Thanks so much Balie and ArstyTeen for mentioning me!! It means the world to me and it makes me really happy!

So yeah, that encouraged me to make this post!

Share your thoughts with me!

Was it gross? Of course, I don’t needa ask! Have you ever experienced anything like this? What was your worst experience in a public bathroom? Lemme know, I wanna hear from you!

Hope you didn’t throw up reading as I didn’t while writing (and drawing)! I loved making this post believe or not! I hope you guys have an amazing day and I hope to see you next time! Poops are cool!


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13 thoughts on “My Worst Experiences in Public Bathrooms

  1. I looooved reading this. You’re just terrible. Why the warning if you were still going to give us a pretty candid visual of it? 😂😂

    I loved reading this so much even if was (somehow, though not exactly) disgusting 😀😀

    Your toilet escapades are definitely something 😏

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh gosh public bathrooms are the worst 😆 😆 I’ve gone into a few places where people haven’t flushed, but usually the worst you can find is wet toilet paper all over the place.
    I generally prefer to NOT go in public bathrooms….once I went in and I couldn’t get the door to open…..yes, I got stuck in a bathroom 😆 Luckily my friend was there to kick the door open.

    Liked by 1 person

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