Some Girls Wear Makeup and Deny It?!


I hope you’re having a good day! So unless you  didn’t read the title of this post, we’re gonna talk about makeup today! Apparently some girls in my school wear makeup and deny it like it’s wrong. I NEED to talk about this!

I was just thinking about school the other day and I was thinking about some girls who wear makeup usually and deny it. Like why on earth would they do that? So today we’re talking about that!

Let’s go!

DISCLAIMER: I’m not going to hate on makeup in this post. I actually like makeup. I’m just going to discuss why people would want to deny wearing it.

Quick Storytime:

So last school year, in P.E. class, one of my friends found a mascara container and she told the teacher she found it. The teacher asked one of my friends – who would wear makeup everyday by that time – if it was hers.

She said no. That was fine, it wasn’t hers, but she also asked why the teacher had asked her and the friend who found the mascara said it was because she would always wear makeup so it could be hers. My friend denied wearing makeup even though it was more than obvious that she was wearing makeup. Her lash-line was TOO THICK AND DARK to be real. 😂

It wasn’t as exaggerate as that, but you could totally tell.

Ok so I like makeup. I practice every once in a while putting it on. But I never leave the house with it on. Why? I’m currently 14, I think I’m too young. Also, I just don’t wanna wear makeup in public, why would I? It takes time and I don’t think people cares unless you’re a celeb. 😅 Right?

And it’s not that I’m DYING or anything to become an adult so I can wear makeup and stuff. I could wait for YEARS and YEARS. It doesn’t kill me. I prefer clothes and hair. Makeup isn’t so important to me, it’s just aesthetic, right?

If someone else my age or younger wants to wear makeup in public, there’s nothing wrong with it! If that makes them feel good, then great! 😊 You do you, peeps!

I guess if you’re wearing like VERY subtle makeup and you can barely tell cause they didn’t apply too much or cause the colors are natural, ok, I guess they could deny it and people would believe them. There’s actually a lot of tutorials out there on how to look like you’re not wearing makeup. 😛

But I don’t get why someone who’s eyeliner is one inch thick and has their face literally smeared in makeup would have the nerve to deny it. It’s just stupid! 😂😂 You’re not an idiot or anything cause you wear makeup.

Denying it doesn’t mean it’s true and people won’t believe you and it doesn’t make it show less.

I watch Clevver btw, I made that GIF 😄

You look good with or without it, but you DID NOT wake up like that.

I mean that’d be dope. But no.

Now my friend doesn’t wear makeup so much. She puts on mascara and foundation sometimes. But she doesn’t use liner anymore. She even puts on super bright red lipstick sometimes, and she does not deny it. Not that she’s often talking about it. But she don’t deny it no more! 😎

Moral of the story: You don’t need makeup to look good. And if you wanna wear makeup, embrace it! Don’t deny it, cause it makes no sense!

Makeup Tip: If you actually wanna add some touch to your eyes without wearing actually makeup nor making it show a lot, you can use Vaseline as clear mascara. It REALLY works!

Just be careful if you wear lashes, cause if they’re long, you can get Vaseline all over your glasses. 😅😅 #TrueStory

So that’s all I had to say! Do you wear makeup? Since how long? Do you like makeup? Do you prefer subtle makeup or really bright colorful makeup? Tell me your life!!

So that was all for today, thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! I have nothing more to say but I hope y’all have an amazing day!


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11 thoughts on “Some Girls Wear Makeup and Deny It?!

  1. People have lied to me so many times about not wearing makeup aswell! I agree with you completely, that if you wear makeup you should embrace it! I hardly ever wear makeup, but when I do it’s just a little bit. -Kat 😊

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  2. Makeup is super weird because on one hand I always see women wearing makeup in TV, movies, & advertising but also makeup is like “slutty” and girly? WHAT IS THIS. When I was younger I went through a bit of a thing about makeup because I wanted to wear it but also didn’t want to be seen as wearing makeup because I was embarrassed, so I kind of get that? But now I’ve learnt to be more confident in myself, whether I’m wearing makeup or not. It doesn’t matter! I can do whatever I want! *nods*

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    • Yeah, well said!!! XD That’s totally true, if you feel confident with makeup, great! And if you feel confident without it, also great!! XD
      And yeah, I don’t wear makeup cause I’m 14 and I think I’m too young, but there’s nothing wrong about it. And yeah, I get you. I’d also feel a little weird if I wore makeup going outside. 😛 Bur meh, who cares really? XD

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  3. XD I kno this one girl thats the sister of my friend and this one time I saw her and she was wearing a LOT of eyeliner. And she’s 9. NINE. I mean if she was older I wouldn’t rly care cuz she didn’t look really bad in it or anything but I just rly hate it when younger kids wear makeup because even I don’t wear makeup…..

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  4. I’m in year 9, I find it funny. Me and my friend laugh. Neither of us wear make up. So we find it funny to the length some girls will go. I want to scream “YOUR FREAKING STUNNING.” But I don’t. So what can you do? 🙂

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    • Yeah right? It just feels like we’re still a little young to wear makeup and stuff. 😛
      And yeah, same happens to me, I would also like to tell them but some deny they’re wearing makeup lol What can we do? 😀

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