My First Time at the Club


I hope you’re all having a great time!! So today’s post is gonna be a storytime post. Actually this happened over a month ago but it’s still quite recent.

Today I’m gonna talk about my first time at a club with my friends.

Don’t worry, I didn’t consume alcohol, drugs nor I did anything I could regret later cause c’mon! I got a crush on a teacher!!

If I ain’t got him, I ain’t want nobody, yo hear me? #ForeverAlone 😢

Don’t get me wrong, I used to think that, now I’m kidding LOL


It was a Saturday, it was one of my friends’ birthday party at a burger place. After eating, singing the birthday song and eating cake, we went for a walk around town. We were just girls except for one of us, I think we were 6 in total. Some couldn’t go so they missed everything. 🙁

So we walked for about half an hour and then. my friends wanted to go to the club. I had never been to the club before and I was kinda curious so I kinda sorta really wanted to go. I wanted to know what the environment was like there!! 😆🤘

So long story short: We left the burger place at about 22:30 and we FINALLY went to the club at 0:00. 🤣

Why? Because my friends are stupid not really good at making decisions and they separated in groups and we wanted to go all together to the club but some people would take really long and then one of my friends didn’t really wanna go but finally the rest convinced him.

Even his PARENTS tried to convince him!! Like what?!?! 😱😂

Anyways, we were finally there and it was basically like the burger place we just had dinner in. Nothing really out of this world. I mean, it had lights and stuff and loud music which I appreciate but well.

I saw many of my classmates there (obviously), they were drinking. Alcohol. Surprising? It’d be surprising if they didn’t drink at all. And that’s a lot to say. 😕 It was just the first time I saw them actually drinking.

You know what I noticed? They actually aren’t as funny as when they’re not tipsy. I preferred them BY FAR in school. Not that they were HILARIOUS in school, but I don’t know, they were like nicer, I don’t know.

They seemed like total different people. I didn’t like it. It wasn’t alcohol, actually I don’t give a crap if they do alcohol, who tells’em to?

But I just felt like they were kinda dead? If I can say it like that? I don’t know, they were different for sure.

Me and my friends, as I said earlier, didn’t drink. I was REALLY thirsty cause I hadn’t drank any water in more than an hour so I was kinda dehydrating but I heard you could have someone put some kinda drug (ha, get the reference?) on your drink so I abstained.

Well, one of us ordered an orange juice. #ThugLife 😎

People were like: Yo, whatcha drinking? He was like: Orange juice. And they were like: Yeah, sure. – with a sarcastic joky tone-.

You know what’s the funniest part? We only stayed for about half an hour. We are such bad@$$es. Nah, actually it was quite boring. You know? Two of my friends went on their phone once they sat down. Like man, why are ya at the club if you’re checking your phone? Also, I think the club didn’t have wifi so 😂😈

Then I just went home, I was tired AF, I can’t even imagine people who go home at idk 4 am in the morning. It wasn’t even 1 am and I was dying!! 😴

First impressions?

Basically what I told you. It was like a normal cafe but just with loud music and some lights. There was also many people, but most of them were our graders. I don’t know, it felt like a junior DISCO. Btw I’m 14.

Was it what I expected?

Nah really. Before going I knew my expectations were higher than what it was gonna be but it was even lower. Also, the music wasn’t very inspiring. I don’t like reggaeton and in Spain there’s plenty of that, so yeah.


It was cool. I’d totally go again, for longer time if possible. Am I drinking water next time? Totally! I said water. I’d also go if they let me play music that was other than reggaeton.

Speaking of the club. I know a song called in the club (it’s from 2012 but it’s a JAM!) and I really like it. I just thought of it when I was writing all this. 2012 had many cool songs. Enjoy!

Btw please lemme know what you think of it in the comments! Btw I’ve never watched the video so if there was anything explicit, I’m so sorry. But if you like explicit things, then, I’m glad, I guess? 😅

And that was all for this post! Have you ever been to the club? If yes, how old were you? What was a weird club experience you’ve had? Are your friends nicer or not when they’re tipsy? Tell me anything!!!

So that was all, folks!

Thanks so much for reading, hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it! I hope you have an amazing day, see ya next time!


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19 thoughts on “My First Time at the Club

  1. I’ve been to clubs but like…real clubs. Where you gotta be 19+ to get in. Honestly, I don’t love them. Like, sure, sometimes it’s fun to just go and dance, but the music is never amazing and it’s always too loud and people around you are too drunk and sweaty and there’s these guys who get waaaay to comfortable with you. I don’t understand how people go every weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah some music is not for everyone. And yeah, it’s awful to not hear people talking because of the noise! 😛 And yeah, some dudes are gross. I don’t get why people go a lot either.


  2. Great Post! We have always preferred house parties
    to clubs, as we like to be in control of the MUSIC.

    On the alcohol topic, it is Expen$ive and it ages the skin
    super fast (talk about paying for dehydration) all the
    luxury skin creams in the world won’t get back that
    fresh faced skin. That is why you see some people who
    are regular drinkers, they look 45, but are actually in their
    20s. not a good look. Hopefully drinking will become pase
    just like smoking did after the 90’s (thank goodness) nothing
    worse than wearing a great outfit out then coming home & have
    to put it in the bonfire because it smells like a giant ashtray. Yuck

    Liked by 1 person

    • Omg if i did a house party my parents would kill me!! XD But you’re so right, I’d also like to be in contrl of the music.
      And omg yeah drinking ages a lot, my classmates will end up looking 30 years older!!
      Thanks for your comment!!! XD I’m glad you liked the post!! XD


  3. Goshhh!!! Love this post!! I don’t know why but after reading this I really wanna go to a club but my mum gonna kill me so yeahhh… Curiosity levels are still high though;) Damn you’re so lucky!!

    Liked by 1 person

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