My Homeostasis Is On Drugs?!

My Homeostasis Is On Drugs_!

Greetings peeps!

Welcome back! I hope you’re doing good! I’m doing good! So I actually wanted to post this few days ago but I then had no time lol. So today we’re talking about me, you’re welcome!

So lately I’ve been noticing some weird things.

Ok so it’s summer right now. Here where I live, it hasn’t been specially hot, just few days. Remember when I talked about Having your Period in Summer few weeks ago? Well then it was hot, but now not as much. It’s mild though, sometimes a bit hot.

Random reader – What does this have to do with “homeostasis”? Aaaaaand what is it? 😅

Glad you asked, IT’S TIME FOR WISDOM MOMENT! 😜

Homeostasis, according to google, is “the tendency of organisms to auto-regulate and maintain their internal environment in a stable state” (it’s related to metabolism), and it is a bodily response to changes in the environment, diet, exercise… And the body has to do that ALL THE TIME. The things the body needs to regulate include blood sugar levels, fluids and temperature among others. I’m gonna talk about this last one.

You’re welcome *wink*

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So, as I was saying, it can 25ºC (so, hot) and I’m literally at home, wearing long pants, a robe and some winter piyama socks. What? Like, my parents are wearing short sleeves and shorts, SWEATING, and I’m here FREEZING as it if were winter!!!

Seriously, a 🤬 ROBE in SUMMER?! Resultado de imagen de angry gif

So my homeostasis has either given up on me or took some vacation, because, I’m not an expert at these things, but I’m sure this isn’t supposed to happen. 😅 I think it’s on drugs or something cause it’s like pretty hot, and sometimes I’m here SHIVERING!!!!

Random reader – Maybe it’s a cold, Ana.

Maybe, but I’ve had this for over 3 weeks and it hasn’t developed into a cold. And you know what else happened? I’m sneezing once every day. Yeah, you heard well. ONCE. EVERY. DAY. What? I lost my homeostasis, now I have a tradition to sneeze once every day. 😛

I’ve also noticed some days my body feels tired as if I had just done exercise, and also kind of weak, I’ve also had some little joint pain. I looked it up on the internet and it can have to do with anxiety or depression disorders. But I don’t have that, luckily.

I think I might have this because I’ve been a little sad since summer began; I’m going to a new school next year and I would totally prefer to stay at my school and I don’t want to leave it because I’ve had a lot of good memories in there and I’m really attached to the place as well as the teachers and my friends. Also I’m like super sad about my crush *cries*

It’s weird cause even if I’m feeling good, I’m cold and all of that. And sometimes I actually get really hot all of a sudden, take off my robe, them I’m good, and some time later I’m cold again. What?Resultado de imagen de huh gif

So yeah, it may be that. If things got like super worse, I’d go to the doctor, but I think I’m fine, just a little temperature imbalanced, but my health is good in general.

I’m sorry of this post was a little ranty or boring cause it was about me and my first world problems, but I guess I kinda needed to vent with you, beautiful peeps!


Share your thoughts with me!

Do you have a cold right now? When was the last time you got a cold? Are you on holidays? Are you cold when everyone else is hot? Or the other way round? Tell me anything you want!

I hope you liked this post although it wasn’t probably so meant to entertain, at least it wasn’t so negative. I hope you have an amazing day/night and an amazing rest of the week!

Massive hugs!

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