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I hope you’re having a good day. I am!! Anyways, today I’m feeling like making a storytime again cause bruh, my life is like SO interesting… Nah, I just wanna share with you a story so you don’t get trolled like I was.

And before you go crazay, it wasn’t a story like: OMG THAT HAPPENED TO YOU???? But I just feel like sharing it with you cause why not?

Let’s start, shall we?

DISCLAIMER: Not throwing shade at people, this story was real, but I’m not talking sh*t about anyone. This is just to show people how important it is to be always prepared and bring money, specially us, teens.


So actually she story is pretty short. About little less than a year ago, it was one of my friend’s birthday and she invited me and the rest of the group of friends to her party. It was at a burger place in town.

We had a really fun time!! We gave her the presents and she loved them! It was a little weird that there was no birthday cake though. 🤔

Then before leaving, she walked to the bar and the rest of use were waiting for her to pay and stuff. Me and one of my friends were staring at a painting in the wall when the birthday girl came to us and said: Aren’t you gonna pay? 🙂 LIKE WHAT? 😳

I don’t know about where you’re from but where I’m from, if someone invites you to their birthday party, it’s more than clear you’re not gonna pay for your food. You just bring a present.

And as you may have guessed. Yep, I hadn’t brought any money. 😅 It was just 5 box but it was still kinda shocking.

But it wasn’t just me, another friend hadn’t got money either. Fortunately, she lived near the place and she went for money. Before I even called my parents, another friend offered me to lend me money. She only had 4 box to lend me so I had to ask another friend for 1 box.

I hate asking people for money, I know I’m totally gonna return it, but it still feels wrong, I don’t know. I just don’t like it.

The friend who lent me 4 box lives near me so I gave her the money the next day. Cause it was Christmas holidays, I returned the other friend’s money just when school started. I recovered my lawsuits y’all!

I love that video btw 😍

No cake, we had to pay… If we hadn’t brought presents, it could’ve been just a friend meeting, right?

Moral of the story:

Always bring money, even if you’re sure you’re gonna spend no money. That day my parents told me to bring money, I forgot cause I didn’t think it was important, but I learnt my lesson.

I had a great time in the end, it was just 5 box like I told you. But one has to be ready for everything.

Share your thoughts with me!

Has anything similar happened to you? Do you like birthday cakes? Are you a thug like me and have 5 box lawsuits? Tell me!

Hope you enjoyed this post, thank you so much for reading! I’m feeling like making storytimes a lot lately, like whaaat? Anyways, I hope you all have an awesome day, till next time!!


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34 thoughts on “Why You Should Always Bring Money | STORYTIME

      • Yes, and I am a very forgetful person. I have left my purse in a restaurant before (I recovered it luckily) I left my purse another time hanging on a clothing rack in Wal-Mart before xD (Luckily my husband, at the time he was my boyfriend realized it and was like damn girl) and I use to take my whole back pack into the change room in high school for gym class until someone stole my wallet out of the change room. 😦 It was such a pain in the butt to renew my SIN card, Birth certificate etc. So now I only really take my purse if I know I will be I.D’d or I am by myself and don’t have the hubby to pay for things. I also took a lot of documents out of my wallet that I don’t need to have all the time in case it gets stolen again and I know how forgetful I am, I really need to work on it actually. Haha

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      • Omg really? Once my grandma left her purse at the airport’s bathroom, she went back and got it, but omg what if she had lost it?? 😮
        And omg I can imagine what you went though, omg!!!
        It’s really important to bring everything with you.

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      • Yeah it sucks. Haha xD Happy that your grandma recovered it. It would have been a huge pain if she lost it.

        Here where I am living now (In Canada things kinda seemed safer tbh) I am told to even watch my purse if I leave it in my cart when I am shopping. Like someone could steal it off my cart while I am standing right there if I am not looking. I am like are you kidding me? Before I moved here I slept with my doors unlocked. -.- People are pretty cray though anywhere I think. Can never be too safe.

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      • Lol. Not always, especially when I moved into the city I finally had to start locking the doors. Although most people rob you during the day, not at night. People are home at night, but during the day people are at work, school etc. And if a psycho wants to break in and like murder your family they would get through a lock door. 😮 So I don’t know how much I really believe a lock door keeps me safe. It is important to get alarms for that reason, but I never really had an alarmed house ever. Not to scare you xD Lol

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  1. This just happened to me! Except the party invite wasn’t just for me it was for my 3 siblings as well, and it was an invite to Laser tag! So that means my parents would be paying like 80 dollars!!! Which it would be okay, I guess, if they had told us we would be paying. But UH!!!! That was a bit annoying.

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  2. Hey girl! Listen, I hear you about the money thing. Honestly, you never know when people will do that kind of thing to you so the best thing is to just have at least $10 on you… and I’m glad your friend had the money to give and everything, but like if your friend couldn’t go get the money, imagine how awkward that would be! so, yeah just always carry it haha!

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  3. That’s weird but yeah, it happens sometimes… from where I am from, men pay for dates… until I dated someone foreign and I was being asked to pay for my share. It was odd but acceptable from where he came from so yeah… always be ready for emergencies 😀

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  4. Something similar happened to me also! My friend invited me and a few friends to Applebee’s for her birthday and it was before 10:00 p.m so the apps were still full priced. I didn’t think anything of it and just ordered. Later when the bill came everyone had separate checks. I was thrown off for a second. I did have money though because I had my debit card but I thought the same thing that if you’re were invited and bringing a gift then the birthday person would be designated for the check. You live and you learn I guess🤭😅😆😂

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    • Omg that’s awful, like people should AT LEAST tell you before those things happen
      Omg thank god you had money, I hadn’t and omg I almost died even thought it was only 5 box
      Yeah, #LifeLessons 😛

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