Why Don’t People get Attached Anymore?

Why Don't People get Attached Anymore_

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re having a good day! You know I always do good, but sometimes I get sad, cause I’m a human too, maybe you didn’t know that, so now you know I’m not a unicorn.

Humans get feelings right? Well, supposedly. So I get feelings, and because of that, you now always feel good. If you read this post in which I talked about my homeostasis *yeah, you heard well, don’t ask* you’ll know I didn’t feel really good about leaving my school which I’m really attached to, as well as de peeps in it.

Today we’re gonna talk about that! Kinda.


Ok before you read this post, just know you can totally judge me, I’m serious, some things I’ll say may not be very sensible.

Long story short:

So for some months, I had been feeling really bad about it, especially cause I had to choose between staying in my school and leaving. You might be judging me for leaving, being sad about it and having chosen the other school. I actually don’t want to go, I’d totally prefer to stay, but I’m going to study Business Administration, and that has to do with Social Science, and the only higher school branch my school has is Science, which I technically could have chosen *I don’t really understand why but they told me* but I chose it because it was what I was supposed to do and I can’t make decisions just because I’m attached. Also, the subjects I would take if I stayed had surprisingly *considering I technically chose it* had NOTHING TO DO with what I was going to study.

End of the story

That was very suspicious, I could’ve taken it, it didn’t actually bother me a lot PERSONALLY, but oh well.Resultado de imagen de alice in wonderland crying gif

There’s a quote by Einstein *not sure if it was him actually, he has honestly TOO many quotes, why didn’t he win the literature Nobel as well?* that says:

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”

I don’t know, I’m trying not to regret my decision, which I totally definitely am but shush!

Back to me feeling sad. So everyone in school seems like they don’t care about ANYTHING at all. They didn’t seem to get attached to teachers, the school classes themselves, the places they go to during break… There was no attachment.

At least they treated everything like they weren’t attached to it, and by that I mean they don’t show respect for sh*t.

Literally, the last days I was looking everywhere in the school like, let’s calmly take a look at this, cause this is my last week and I want to enjoy it *well I always did* and I was feeling sad cause I couldn’t believe it was getting over.

And everyone else just wanted to leave cause school is boring and IT’S ALMOST SUMMER VACAY!


Second story:

One day we went to English class and our teacher *she’s really too nice to us, no teacher has shown us more attachment than she has, that makes me really happy* said:

Teacher: Today’s our last class! *sad tone*
Me: *mentally saying* WHYY WOULD YOU HAVE TO REMIND US
Some peeps: *didn’t listen*
Other peeps: *mentally saying* Who gives a f*ck?

Then some minutes later after seeing some pics of us when we were in freshmen, one of my classmates started crying. How curious, she like ALWAYS leaves school first, she ALWAYS leaves the class the first, she literally told us she would only miss ONE teacher… She was just one of the peeps that got the LEAST attached to sh*t in general.Resultado de imagen de eff you gif

But just like her, pretty much no one seemed to be held back by their attachment to the school or their hometown. Errybodeh wanted to get the f*ck out.

End of the second story

I’m not saying this cause “I’m an amazing person and I care about everything and blah blah blah”, cause I happen to be an idiot, pretty much like the rest, it just made me sad to say goodbye to something that’s been my life for years.

Cause I actually like school.Resultado de imagen de thug life gif

Voice in Ana’s mind: Dat sh*t don’t matter anymore cause you’re leaving, ya loser!

Argh, I love this situation, the only moron who’d like to stay gets the f*ck out and de peeps who want to get the f*ck out stay. AMAZING ENDING, WHO WROTE THAT? 😭 😭

To everyone in my generation, I’m attached to you guys *except the ones of you who are obnoxious and mean, who happen to be most of you, argh* but honestly, you can all drink my pee!

Final word:

  1. Ok so obvs there will come better days and maybe I’ll make good friends in my next school and maybe I’ll get attached to that school as well. It’s just ok to be sad.
  2. Also, people are educating kids in a way that they don’t have respect for anything and they’re also somehow making them insensitive. That’s why no one feels de luv. No conspiracy, it’s a fact.

I feel like the Kardashians, I talked more about my life – which no one cares about – than reflecting about the lack of feels people are having these days. Psh!


Share your thoughts with me!

Do you know fake peeps like my classmate? Do you think people get less emotionally attached to things lately? How do you think parents are raising their kids? Have you ever had to make a decision in which you had to choose between what you want and what you have to do? Tell me everything!

I hope you liked this post as much as I – believe it or not – enjoyed making it. I’ll be in reality tv one day, don’t worry. I hope you have a great day/night and a great week!

Massive hugs!

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24 thoughts on “Why Don’t People get Attached Anymore?

  1. Fake people are everywhere. They’re like little bugs in ever friggin corner of this world, and of my school. But I guess people are too afraid of feeling? Idk maybe we are being taught to run away from our feelings instead of facing them. I mean look around us, no one ever looks up from their phones and laptops to acknowledge the person sitting next to them. Even if it is a stranger.We are human and we need to connect because that is the only way to live..? I guess people are just forgetting that if we didn’t have feelings then we’d be as good as a pebble on the street. Emotionless. Lifeless.

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  2. I’ve just left secondary school and I’m staring sixth form next month, and I am shitting it! My results are coming out on THREE DAYS as well! Ah! And I completely understand, my friend and I were the only two people who cried at leavers, no one else really cared. 😕 And omg I have no idea what happened, but WordPress is on drugs and made me unfollow a lot of people. ;( I was so confused why I wasn’t seeing posts from you, but I’m glad it’s sorted now haha. Xx.

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  3. Ahhh, this sounds so tricky. At the same time, you want to stay but you can’t. I get what you mean – I always feel sad when I leave places because I’ll miss the little things, but then a lot of people don’t give a shit about it – and like you said, they can’t wait to get out. I’m sorry; I hope you feel a little better soon. I’m always a DM away because even unicorns get sad and you can talk if you need! X

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